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Summary: VDR plugin: X11/xine-lib output plugin

Framebuffer and/or X11 front-end for VDR. Displays OSD and video in
a raw X/Xv/XvMC window, Linux framebuffer/DirectFB or xine.

Support for local and standalone ("remote") frontends. The plugin is
able to use local pipe, RTP/UDP multicast, UDP unicast and TCP to
transfer the data to the standalone clients.

Built-in image and media player supports playback of most known
media files and network radio/video streams directly from VDR.

Frontend packages:
- xine-xvdr: Xine frontend
- xine1.2-xvdr: Xine1.2 frontend
- xineliboutput-sxfe: Standalone X11 frontend
- xineliboutput-fbfe: Standalone FB frontend
- xineliboutput-local-sxfe: Local X11 frontend
- xineliboutput-local-fbfe: Local FB frontend

License: GPLv2+

Maintainer: nobody

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