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Summary: Documentation for SANE backends

This package contains the SANE backend documentation for different

SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) is a sane and simple interface
to both local and networked scanners and other image acquisition devices
like digital still and video cameras. SANE currently includes modules for
accessing a range of scanners, including models from Agfa SnapScan, Apple,
Artec, Canon, CoolScan, Epson, HP, Microtek, Mustek, Nikon, Siemens,
Tamarack, UMAX, Connectix, QuickCams and other SANE devices via network.

For the latest information on SANE, the SANE standard definition, and
mailing list access, see

This package does not enable sharing scanner on the network by default; if you wish
to enable it, install the saned package and set up the sane-net backend.

License: GPLv2+ and GPLv2+ with exceptions and Public Domain and IJG and LGPLv2+ and MIT

Maintainer: nobody

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