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Summary: NNTP implementation

PEAR's package for communication with NNTP/Usenet servers.
Net_NNTP handles the connection and protocol level commands (RFC977),
including many commonly implemented non-standard commands (RFC2980).
Net_NNTP includes an unserfriendly API for intermediate user, who don't
want to work directly at the command level. However, Net_NNTP does require
some knowlege about the NNTP protocol (RFC 977), and general knowledge
about email (RFC(2)822) and MIME (2045-2048), since any handling of both
content and headers is left up to the user!
The protocol implementation does not parse the actual article data, but at
the command level it splits returned data at protocol specified boundaries
where appropriate.

License: W3C

Maintainer: mokraemer

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