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Summary: The additional utilities for Fuse ZX Spectrum emulator

The Fuse utilities are a few tools which may be of occasional use when
dealing with ZX Spectrum emulator files.

The available utilities are:
* audio2tape: convert an audio file to tape format.
* createhdf: create an empty .hdf IDE hard disk image.
* fmfconv: converter tool for FMF movie files.
* listbasic: list the BASIC in a snapshot or tape file.
* profile2map: convert Fuse profiler output to Z80-style map format.
* raw2hdf: create a .hdf IDE hard disk image from another file.
* rzxcheck: verify the digital signature in an RZX file.
* rzxdump: list the contents of an RZX input recording file.
* rzxtool: add, extract or remove the embedded snapshot from an RZX file,
or compress or uncompress the file.
* scl2trd: convert .scl disk images to .trd disk images.
* snap2tzx: convert snapshots to TZX tape images.
* snapconv: convert between snapshot formats.
* tape2pulses: dumps the pulse information from tape images to text files.
* tape2wav: convert a tape file to .wav audio format.
* tapeconv: convert between .tzx and .tap files.
* tzxlist: list the contents of a TZX, TAP, PZX or Warajevo TAP file.

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: semiletov

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