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Name Mageia 4 Feature update Mageia 5
0ad Cross-Platform RTS Game of Ancient Warfare 1:0.0.14 1:0.0.19
2048-qt Mathematics-based puzzle game 0.1.5
4digits A guess-the-number puzzle game 1.1.4
7kaa Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a real-time strategy game 2.14.4
90secondportraits Speed painting game: paint portraits in 90 seconds! 1.01
aisleriot A compilation of solitaire card games 3.10.2 3.14.2
alienarena Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game 7.65 7.66
andy-super-great-park A 2D shooter on rails 1.0.8 1.0.13
andy-super-great-park-data Data files for Andy's Super Great Park 1.0.8 1.0.13
angband Single-player dungeon exploration game in the universe of JRR Tolkien 3.5.1
armagetron Armagetron Advanced, 3D lightcycle game using OpenGL
arx-libertatis Cross-platform port of the GPL'ed Arx Fatalis game by Arkane Studios 1.1.2
astromenace Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities 1.3.2
atanks Scorched Earth game clone 5.7 6.0
atomiks A remake of the classic Atomix game for modern platforms
auale A free mancala game for the serious player 1.0
balazarbrothers Amazing libre (GPLed) 3D puzzle game 0.3.1
ballz B.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball 1.0.2
bear-factory Level, animation and model editors for the Bear engine 1.0.8 1:0.7.0
beret 2D puzzle-platformer starring a telekinetic scientist 1.2.1
berusky Advanced sokoban clone with nice graphics 1.6 1.7.1
berusky2 Bugs Escape 3D - Advanced Sokoban clone with nice sceneries 0.9 0.10
bitfighter Free multi-player 2D space combat game with dual-axes controls 019d
blinken Simon Says Game 4.12.5 4.14.3
blobwars Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game 1.19
blockout A free clone of the original BlockOut DOS game 2.5
bomber Arcade bombing game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
bovo Classic pen and paper game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
brainparty Set of 36 minigames to train your brain in an entertaining way 0.61
brogue Roguelike game that favors simplicity over complexity 1.7.4
bumprace Drive the ship to exit 1:1.5.3 1:1.5.4
canta A platform-independent karaoke (singstar-like) Game 0.2.1
cdogs-sdl Open source, classic overhead run-and-gun game 0.5.7
chessx An Open Source chess database 0.9.4 1.2.2
chroma Abstract puzzle game with complex patterns of colourful shapes 1.15
chromium-bsu Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
colobot A real-time strategy game with programmable bots 0.1.4
commandergenius An open clone of the Commander Keen engines
connectagram A word unscrambling game 1.0.1 1.2.4
corsixth Open source clone of Theme Hospital 1:0.30 1:0.40
crawl-tiles Tiles version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a rogue-like RPG 0.13.1 0.15.2
crossfire-client Client for connecting to Crossfire game servers 1.71.0
cube-escape Progress over a maze etched on the surface of a cube 0.8 0.9
curseofwar Fast-paced action strategy game with ncurses and SDL frontends 1.2.0
cutemaze Top-down maze game 1.1.1
cuyo A tetris-styled game with many different levels 1:2.1.0
digger The Unix version of the old classic game Digger 20110916 20131011
dreamchess DreamChess is a 3D chess user interface 0.2.1
duckmarines Frantic couch multiplayer action 1.0b
dustrac Dust Racing 2D is a traditional top-down car racing game including a level editor 1.9.2
edgar The Legend of Edgar - 2D platform game 1.12 1.19
enigma Puzzle game similar to Oxyd 0:1.20 1.21
erebus Open-source real-time RPG with multiple quests and random dungeons 0.14
fgrun Graphical launcher for the FlightGear flight simulator 1.7.0 3.2.0 3.4.0
five-or-more GNOME Five or More game 3.10.2 3.14.1
flightgear The FlightGear Flight Simulator 2.12.1 3.2.0 3.4.0
flukz Flukz is an editor and player of shoot'em up video games 0.4
foobillardplus A free 3D OpenGL billiard game 3.43
four-in-a-row GNOME Four-in-a-row game 3.10.1 3.14.2
freecol Turn-based strategy game based on Colonization 0.10.7 0.11.3
freedink Humorous top-down adventure and role-playing game 108.4
freedink-dfarc Frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink 3.12
freeminer Open source Minecraft-inspired sandbox game based on Minetest
freeorion Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game 0.4.3 0.4.4
galois Extended falling blocks game with many different geometries 0.3
gemrb Port of the original Infinity (Game) Engine 0.8.2
gnome-chess GNOME Chess game 3.10.2 3.14.3
gnome-games GNOME games 3.10.1 3.12.0
gnome-klotski GNOME Klotski game 3.10.0 3.14.2
gnome-mahjongg GNOME Mahjongg game 3.10.2 3.14.1
gnome-mines GNOME Mines Sweeper game 3.10.1 3.14.0
gnome-nibbles GNOME Nibbles game 3.10.1 3.14.1
gnome-robots GNOME Robots game 3.10.0 3.14.2
gnome-sudoku GNOME Sudoku game 3.10.2 3.14.2
gnome-tetravex GNOME Tetravex game 3.10.1 3.14.0
gnubg A backgammon game and analyser 1.02.000 1.03.001
gnubik 3D interactive graphics puzzle 2.4.1
gottet Tetris clone 1.0.6
granatier KDE Bomberman game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
grotesque Utility to manage your collection of interactive fictions
harris A strategy game based around the actions of RAF Bomber Command during WW2 0.2.4
hedgewars Funny turn-based artillery game featuring fighting Hedgehogs
hex-a-hop Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles 1.2.0
hexalate Color matching game 1.0.1 1.0.3
hitori Logic puzzle game for GNOME 0.4.2
holotz-castle A platform game with high doses of mistery 1.3.14
hydraslayer Greek mythology-inspired roguelike game with mathematical puzzles 16.1
hyperrogue Roguelike game in a strange, non-Euclidean world 5.5a
iagno GNOME Reversi game 3.10.1 3.14.2
irrlamb Physics-based 3D puzzle platformer 0.2.0
iyfct In Your Face City Trains: coffee-break runner game 1.02
kajongg Majongg game for KDE 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kapman A Pac-Man clone 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
katomic Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kblackbox Find atoms in a grid by shooting electrons 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kblocks Single player falling blocks puzzle game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kbounce Claim areas and don't get disturbed 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kbreakout Breakout like game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kdiamond Three-in-a-row game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ketris A Tetris-like game for KDE 1.1.2
kfourinline Place 4 pieces in a row 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kgoldrunner A game of action and puzzle solving 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kigo Go board game for KDE 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
killbots KDE port of the classic BSD console game robots 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kiriki Close of Yahtzee 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kitsune Program to solve mathematical puzzles 3.0
kjumpingcube A tactical game for number-crunchers 1:4.14.3
klickety An adaptation of the Clickomania game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
klines Place 5 equal pieces together, but wait, there are 3 new ones 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kmahjongg A tile laying patience 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kmines The classical mine sweeper 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
knavalbattle Battleship game with built-in game server 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
knetwalk Turn the board pieces to get all computers connected 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
knightsgame Multiplayer objective-oriented game with knights questing in a dungeon 25
kobodeluxe SDL port of Akira Higuchis game XKobo 0.5.1
kolf A golf game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kollision A simple ball dodging game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
konquest Conquer the planets of your enemy 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kpat Several patience card games 1:4.14.3
kreversi Old reversi board game, also known as othello 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
krosswordpuzzle KrossWordPuzzle - a crossword puzzle for KDE 0.16
kshisen Patience game where you take away all pieces 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ksirk Computerized version of a well known strategy board game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ksnakeduel Snake race played against the computer 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kspaceduel Two player game with shooting spaceships flying around a sun 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ksquares An implementation of the popular paper based game squares 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ksudoku Play, create and solve sudoku grids 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ktron Simple Tron clone 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ktuberling KTuberling: "potato editor" game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
kubrick Game based on Rubik's Cube 1:4.14.3
lierolibre Old-school duel shooter in wormholes based on the classic Liero game 0.5
lightsoff GNOME Lightsoff game 3.10.1 3.14.1
lincity-ng Lincity - A City Simulation Game 2.1 2.9
lostsky Story of a Lost Sky - Turn-based strategy RPG in the Touhou universe 1.0.0
lskat Lieutnant skat 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
ltris Nice tetris clone 1:1.0.18 1:1.0.19
lugaru Ninja rabbit fighting game 1.1
lutris Install and play any video game easily 0.4.13
mari0 Puzzle platformer with a Portal gun 1.6
meandmyshadow Puzzle/platform game where you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles 0.4 0.4.1
megaglest A free 3D real time strategy game in a fantasy setting 3.9.1 3.11.1
megaglest-data Data files for MegaGlest 3.9.1 3.11.1
micropolisj MicropolisJ - The classic city-building game 1.6
million Game "Who want to be a millionaire" (Russian version) 1.0.2
minetest Open source voxel game engine and InfiniMiner/Minecraft-inspired game 0.4.8 0.4.15
minilens Libre puzzle platformer for gravity-oblivious aliens 1.2
mrrescue Action game where you evacuate civilians from burning buildings 1.02c
multiplicationstation Math game, Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract and multiply 0.6.5 0.6.8
neverball Roll a ball through an obstacle course 1:1.5.4 1:1.6.0
noteye Necklace of the Eye (NotEye) - Frontend for roguelike games 8.1
numptyphysics A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game 0.4
openalchemist Free clone of naturalchimie (puzzle game) 0.4
openclonk An action-packed game of strategy, tactics, and skill featuring Clonks 5.5.1
opendungeons RTS game in dark, damp and dangerous dungeons 0.5.0
openmw Unofficial open source engine re-implementation of the game Morrowind 0.26.0 0.35.0
openra Open source game engine of Command & Conquer 20130915 20141029
openttd An open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" game 1.3.3 1.5.3
openxcom An open source reimplementation of the original X-Com game 1.0.0
openyahtzee Open-source version of the classic dice game Yahtzee 1.9.2
palapeli Jigsaw puzzle game 1:4.12.5 1:4.14.3
peg-e Peg solitaire game 1.1.2
performous Open-source karaoke game that allows user supplied songs 0.8.0
picmi A nonogram logic game for KDE 4.12.5 4.14.3
pioneers Playable implementation of the Settlers of Catan 14.1 15.1
pioneers-server-gtk Pioneers GTK Server 14.1 15.1
pioneerspacesim Pioneer - A game of lonely space adventure 20150201
playonlinux Play your Windows games on Linux 4.2.2 4.2.9
plee-the-bear 2D platform game starring Plee the Bear 0.7.0
pokerth Play Texas Holdem Poker alone or online 1.0.1 1.1.1
powdertoy Falling-sand physics sandbox game 90.2.322
powermanga Shoot 'em up game with 3D graphics 0.91 0.93
puzzlemoppet Challenging 3D puzzle game 20141011
pychess Chess game for GNOME 0.10.1 0.12
quadrapassel GNOME Quadrapassel game 3.10.2 3.14.0
redeclipse A Free, Casual Arena Shooter 1.4
rocksndiamonds A boulderdash like game
rolisteam A program to manage a tabletop role-playing game with remote players 1.5.2 1.6.1
scorched3d 3D artillery game similar to Scorched Earth 43.3d 44
sgt-puzzles Simon Tatham's one-player puzzle collection 20150118
simsu Basic Sudoku game 1.2.2 1.2.3
solarus An open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine 1.3.1
speed-dreams Speed Dreams: An open motorsport simulation 2.0.0 2.1.0
spring Realtime strategy game (inspired by Total Annihilation) 94.1 97.0
springlobby Cross-platform lobby client for the Spring RTS project 0.147 0.180
steam Installer for the Steam software distribution service
stepintochinese Step Into Chinese is a Chinese language data-mining application 0.8.1
stepmania Dance and rhythm game with 3D graphics and dance pad support 3.9 5.0
stormbaancoureur Physics-based obstacle course simulation 2.1.6
stuntrally Stunt Rally game with Track Editor, based on VDrift and OGRE 2.5
sudokuki Essential Sudoku game 1.2.2
sumwars Summoning Wars Role-Playing Game 0.5.8
supertux Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller with Tux 0.3.4 0.4.0
supertuxkart 3D kart racing game 0.8.1 0.9
swell-foop GNOME colored tiles puzzle game 3.10.1 3.14.0
tali GNOME Tali game 3.10.2 3.14.0
tanglet Word finding game 1.2.1 1.2.2
tanks-of-freedom Indie turn-based strategy game in isometric pixel art 0.4.2
teeworlds Online multi-player platform 2D shooter 0.6.3 0.6.4
tetzle Jigsaw puzzle with tetromino pieces 2.0.1 2.0.3
tome An open-source, single-player, roguelike RPG with 2D tiles 1.3.1
tong A mixture of two classic games 1.3
trader A simple game of interstellar trading 7.4 7.6
trigger-rally 3D rally racing game 0.6.0 0.6.1
triplea A networked open source strategy game
tuxmathscrabble A math version of the popular board game for ages 4-40 1:0.7.4 1:0.8.0
tuxwordsmith Multilanguage scrabble game 0.7.13 0.8.0
ufoai UFO: Alien Invasion 2.4 2.5
ultimatestunts Remake of the famous DOS-game Stunts 0.7.7
unknown-horizons A popular economy and city building 2D RTS game 2013.3 2014.1
urbanterror A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine 4.1.1 4.2.023
valyriatear Valyria Tear is a free 2D J-RPG based on the Hero of Allacrost engine 0.6.0 1.0.0
vapor Distribution client for games made with LÖVE 0.2.4
vassal A game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games 3.2.8 3.2.13
vcmi Open-source reimplementation and extension of the Heroes III game engine 0.97
vegastrike 3D OpenGL spaceflight simulator 0.5.1 0.5.1.r1
voxelands The fun-focused free software voxel world game 1501.00
warsow A fast-paced first-person-shooter game 1.03 1.51
wesnoth The Battle for Wesnoth - Fantasy turn-based strategy game 1.10.7 1.12.5
widelands Settlers II clone 2:b17 2:b19
xboard An X Window System graphical chessboard 4.7.2 4.8.0
xmoto A challenging 2D motocross platform game 0.5.10 0.5.11
xonotic A free multi-player first person shooter 0.7.0 0.8.0
yaflight Yet Another FlightGear Launch Control 0.99.26 0.99.29
yamagi-quake2 Yamagi Quake II is an enhanced client for id Software's Quake II 1:5.11 1:5.34
yamagi-quake2-ctf Quake II 3.21 'Capture The Flag' for Yamagi Quake II 1:5.11 1:5.34
yamagi-quake2-rogue Quake II Mission Pack #2: "Ground Zero" for Yamagi Quake II 1:5.11 1:5.34
yamagi-quake2-xatrix Mission Pack #1: "The Reckoning" for Yamagi Quake II 1:5.11 1:5.34