Package : 2048-qt > RPM : 2048-qt-0.1.6-7.mga8.i586.rpm

Basic items

Name 2048-qt
Version 0.1.6
Release 7.mga8
Group Games/Puzzles
Summary Mathematics-based puzzle game
Size 3,905KB
Arch i586
License MIT


2048 is a mathematics-based puzzle game where you have to slide tiles
on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048.
You have to merge the similar number tiles by moving the arrow keys
in four different directions. When two tiles with the same number touch,
they will merge into one.

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 8
Media name core-release
Media arch i586

Advanced items

Source RPM 2048-qt-0.1.6-7.mga8.src.rpm
Build time 2020-12-16 18:32:16
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