Package : sabnzbd > RPM : sabnzbd-2.1.0-2.1.mga7.noarch.rpm

Basic items

Name sabnzbd
Version 2.1.0
Release 2.1.mga7
Group Networking/News
Summary An open source binary newsreader written in Python
Size 8,728KB
Arch noarch
License GPLv2


SABnzbd makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating
everything it can. All you have to do is add an .nzb. SABnzbd takes over from
there, where it will be automatically downloaded, verified, repaired, extracted
and filed away with zero human interaction.

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 7
Media name core-updates
Media arch i586

Advanced items

Source RPM sabnzbd-2.1.0-2.1.mga7.src.rpm
Build time 2020-01-06 23:38:24
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