Package : xxhash > RPM : xxhash-0.8.1-1.mga9.i586.rpm

Basic items

Name xxhash
Version 0.8.1
Release 1.mga9
Group Development/C
Summary Extremely fast hash algorithm
Size 111KB
Arch i586
License BSD and GPLv2+


xxHash is an Extremely fast Hash algorithm, running at RAM speed
limits. It successfully completes the SMHasher test suite which
evaluates collision, dispersion and randomness qualities of hash
functions. Code is highly portable, and hashes are identical on all
platforms (little / big endian).

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 9
Media name core-release
Media arch i586

Advanced items

Source RPM xxhash-0.8.1-1.mga9.src.rpm
Build time 2022-06-19 12:56:18
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