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Basic items

Name xtux
Version 20030306
Release 25.mga9
Group Games/Arcade
Summary Multiplayer arcade game featuring open-source mascots
Size 7,548KB
Arch i586
License GPL+ and LGPLv2+


2005: Microsoft finally releases Windows2000. The few remaining in line
from midnight December 31, 1999 expecting Microsoft to deliver "on time"
were slightly annoyed, but otherwise the response was extremely

You must Battle through hoards of Evil Microsoft lusers, Certified Peons
and Bugs while collecting computer processors. Using these, construct a
massive Beowulf machine capable of cracking the security on Microsofts
secret database. Upload yourself into the internet, liberate friendly
Linux sites, then battle your way into destroying all you
can find. Only then can you turn your wrath towards your nemesis, the
evil lord Gates.

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 9
Media name core-release
Media arch i586

Advanced items

Source RPM xtux-20030306-25.mga9.src.rpm
Build time 2022-03-30 18:26:40
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