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Basic items

Name libmpg123-devel
Version 1.25.4
Release 1.mga6
Group Development/C
Summary MPEG audio decoding library - development files
Size 100KB
Arch i586
License LGPLv2+


libmpg123 is a fast, free and portable MPEG audio decoding library for Unix.
It supports MPEG 1.0/2.0 layers 1, 2 and 3 ("mp3" files). For full CD
quality playback (44 kHz, 16 bit, stereo) a fast CPU is required. Mono
and/or reduced quality playback (22 kHz or 11 kHz) is possible on slow
CPUs (like Intel 486).

For information on the MP3 License, please visit:

Media information

Distribution release Mageia 6
Media name core-updates
Media arch i586

Advanced items

Source RPM mpg123-1.25.4-1.mga6.src.rpm
Build time 2017-07-30 01:21:20
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