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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
libreoffice Free Software Productivity Suite 1: 1.1.mga6 2019-02-14 24309 (QA)
chirp A tool for programming radio equipment 0.4.1 2.1.mga6 2019-02-09 24329 (QA)
isodumper Tool for writing ISO images on a USB stick 1.07 1.mga6 2019-02-06 23654 (QA)
mythtv A personal video recorder (PVR) application 30.0 20190121.1.mga6 2019-01-22 24099 (QA)
mythtv A personal video recorder (PVR) application 30.0 20190121.1.mga6.tainted 2019-01-22 24099 (partial match, QA)
0ad Cross-Platform RTS Game of Ancient Warfare 1:0.0.23b 1.mga6 2018-12-30
fritzing Electronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product 0.9.3b 1.git20181017.mga6 2018-10-17 18689 (partial match, QA in CC)
denemo WYSIWYG musical score editor and frontend for Lilypond 2.2.0 1.mga6 2018-10-13
cdogs-sdl Open source, classic overhead run-and-gun game 0.6.7 1.mga6 2018-05-25
alexandra Small, fast, but powerful video library 1.5.0 1.1.mga6 2018-05-19
cmake Cross-platform, open-source make system 1:3.10.2 1.mga6 2018-03-09
renderdoc Stand-alone graphics API debugging tool for Vulkan and OpenGL 1.0 1.mga6 2018-03-09 22728 (no QA)
lyx A word processor for the Desktop Environment 2.2.3 1.1.mga6 2018-03-02
kommander Editor and program executor for .ui files 1:16.12.3 1.mga6 2018-02-22 22660 (QA)
crawl Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a roguelike RPG with 2D or ascii graphics 0.21.1 1.mga6 2018-02-20
kremotecontrol KDE Frontend for the LIRC Suite 16.12.3 1.mga6 2018-02-19
kopete KDE Internet Messenger 4:16.12.3 1.mga6 2018-02-18
mate-panel The core programs for the MATE GUI desktop environment 1.18.7 1.mga6 2018-01-14
gnome-session The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment 3.24.2 1.mga6 2018-01-08
datovka Datovka is a free graphical interface for 'Datove schranky' 4.10.1 1.mga6 2018-01-03
phppgadmin PostgreSQL database administration over the web interface 5.1 6.1.mga6 2017-11-20
cairo-dock A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs easily 3.4.1 2.1.mga6 2017-11-10
clamtk Easy to use front-end for ClamAV 5.20 3.1.mga6 2017-10-28 22737 (QA)
kile Integrated LaTeX Environment for Plasma 5 2:2.9.91 1.mga6 2017-10-07
gcompris-qt "J'ai compris" / I Have Understood, the new QT based version 0.80 1.mga6 2017-08-22
scribus Open Source Page Layout 1.5.3 1.mga6 2017-07-30 21452 (QA in CC)
scilab Scientific software package for numerical computations 6.0.0 1.mga6 2017-07-26 21360 (no QA)