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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
qarte A browser for the website 3.11.0 1.mga5 2017-09-12 22578 (partial match, QA)
qbittorrent A lightweight but featureful BitTorrent client 3.3.11 1.mga5 2017-03-21
alexandra Small, fast, but powerful video library 1.5.0 1.mga5 2016-12-18
seafile-client Seafile gui client based on Qt5 5.1.3 1.mga5 2016-11-01
rednotebook Daily journal with calendar, templates and keyword searching 1.14 1.1.mga5 2016-10-01
sayonara A lightweight Qt Audio player 0.8.3 0.svn20160501.1.mga5 2016-05-01
remmina GTK+ remote desktop client 1.2.0 0.rcgit.8.0.1.mga5 2016-01-28 17479 (no QA)
zeal Offline API documentation browser 0.2.1 1.mga5 2016-01-17
mscore Linux MusE Score Typesetter 2.0.2 0.1.mga5 2015-12-18
emacs GNU Emacs text editor with X11 support 24.5 1.mga5 2015-11-02 21695 (partial match, QA)
drawpile A collaborative drawing program 1.0.2 1.1.mga5 2015-10-14
simon Speech recognition 0.4.1 1.1.mga5 2015-07-29
exmplayer MPlayer GUI with thumbnail seeking and 3D Video support 5.0.1 1.mga5 2015-07-29
kodi Kodi - media player and home entertainment system 14.2 2.mga5 2015-07-26
byobu Powerful, text based window manager and shell multiplexer 5.94 1.mga5 2015-07-22 21277 (partial match, QA)