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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
byobu Powerful, text based window manager and shell multiplexer 5.127 1.mga7 2018-10-19
networkmanager-openvpn NetworkManager VPN integration for OpenVPN 1:1.8.8 1.mga7 2018-10-18
qbittorrent A lightweight but featureful BitTorrent client 4.1.3 3.mga7 2018-10-18
tsc The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. - a 2D platform game in classic style 2.0.0 7.mga7 2018-10-18
vegastrike 3D OpenGL spaceflight simulator 0.5.1.r1 13.mga7 2018-10-18
rstudio RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R 1.1.458 1.mga7 2018-10-18
qarte A browser for the arte.tv website 4.6.0 1.mga7 2018-10-18
blender A fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package 2.79b 10.mga7 2018-10-18
performous Open-source karaoke game that allows user supplied songs 1.1 12.mga7 2018-10-18
gnome-software A software center for GNOME 3.30.3 1.mga7 2018-10-18
gqrx Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt 2.11.5 4.mga7 2018-10-18
gr-osmosdr-doc Documentation files for gr-osmosdr 3.mga7 2018-10-18
gr-iqbal-doc Documentation files for gr-iqbal 0.37.2 19.mga7 2018-10-18
gnuradio-doc Software Defined Radio 4.mga7 2018-10-18
gnuradio-companion The GNU Radio Companion 4.mga7 2018-10-18
poedit Gettext translation file editor 2.2 2.mga7 2018-10-18
alsa-tools Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) tools 1.1.7 1.mga7 2018-10-17
ksysguard Plasma System Monitor 5.13.4 3.mga7 2018-10-17
fritzing Electronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product 0.9.3b 1.git20181017.mga7 2018-10-17
kicad An open source program for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams 1:4.0.6 11.mga7 2018-10-17
k3d K-3D open-source 3D modeling, animation and rendering system 8.mga7 2018-10-17
opendungeons RTS game in dark, damp and dangerous dungeons 0.7.1 10.mga7 2018-10-17
freeorion Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game 0.4.8 2.mga7 2018-10-17
knightsgame Multiplayer objective-oriented game with knights questing in a dungeon 25 11.mga7 2018-10-17
aqsis RenderMan-compliant 3D rendering solution 1.8.2 27.mga7 2018-10-17
rocksndiamonds A boulderdash like game 1.mga7 2018-10-17
skrooge Personal Finance Management Tool 2.15.0 3.mga7 2018-10-17
wesnoth The Battle for Wesnoth - Fantasy turn-based strategy game 1.14.5 2.mga7 2018-10-17
urtconnector Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program 0.9.0 21.mga7 2018-10-17
tomahawk-player A social media player 0.8.99 8.mga7 2018-10-17
supertux Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller with Tux 0.5.1 9.mga7 2018-10-17
springlobby Cross-platform lobby client for the Spring RTS project 0.264 3.mga7 2018-10-17
spring Realtime strategy game (inspired by Total Annihilation) 104.0 3.mga7 2018-10-17
referencer Bibliography reference management tool for GNOME 1.2.2 11.mga7 2018-10-17
pokerth Play Texas Holdem Poker alone or online 1.1.2 6.mga7 2018-10-17
pinot Personal search and metasearch for the Free Desktop 1.08 11.mga7 2018-10-17
pingus A free Lemmings clone 0.7.6 22.mga7 2018-10-17
plee-the-bear 2D platform game starring Plee the Bear 0.7.0 3.20141108.9.mga7 2018-10-17
openscad The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller 2015.03.3 14.mga7 2018-10-17
openmw Unofficial open source engine re-implementation of the game Morrowind 0.44.0 2.mga7 2018-10-17
mkvtoolnix Matroska multimedia file utils 19.0.0 3.mga7 2018-10-17
luminance-hdr A graphical tool for creating and tone-mapping HDR images 2.5.1 12.mga7 2018-10-17
lightspark An alternative Flash Player implementation 0.8.1 3.mga7 2018-10-17
krita Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program 12:4.1.5 2.mga7 2018-10-17
lierolibre Old-school duel shooter in wormholes based on the classic Liero game 0.5 16.mga7 2018-10-17
kig KDE Interactive Geometry 18.04.1 3.mga7 2018-10-17
hugin Panorama Tools GUI 2018.0.0 5.mga7 2018-10-17
gnucash Application to keep track of your finances 3.3 2.mga7 2018-10-17
glom Easy-to-use database designer and user interface 1.31.6 8.mga7 2018-10-17
globulation2 A state of the art Real Time Strategy (RTS) game 27.mga7 2018-10-17
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