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lxqt-globalkeys Global keys config module for LXQt 0.12.0 2.mga6 2018-03-04
lxqt-about About application for the LXQt desktop 0.12.0 1.mga6 2018-03-04
networkmanager-applet Network connection manager system tray applet 1.8.10 1.2.mga6 2018-03-04
virtualbox A general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware 5.2.8 1.mga6 2018-03-03
xv X based image viewer for darned near all images 3.10a 16.1.mga6 2018-03-02
leocad CAD program to build virtual LEGO models 18.02 1.mga6 2018-03-02
qttools5 Qt GUI toolkit 5.9.4 1.mga6 2018-03-02
qttools5-assistant Qt5 Assistant Doc Utility 5.9.4 1.mga6 2018-03-02
qttools5-designer qttools5 Visual Design Tool 5.9.4 1.mga6 2018-03-02
transmission-gtk3 GTK+ 3 Interface for Transmission BitTorrent client 2.92 3.1.mga6 2018-02-26
transmission-qt5 Qt5 Interface for Transmission BitTorrent client 2.92 3.1.mga6 2018-02-26
TiMidity++ MIDI to WAVE converter and player 2.14.0 9.1.mga6 2018-02-25
systemsettings Plasma System Settings 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
plasma-desktop Plasma 5 application workspace components 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
plasma-workspace KF 5 application workspace components 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
plasma-sdk Development tools for Plasma 5 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
plasma-applet-nm NetworkManager Plasma 5 applet 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
ksysguard Plasma System Monitor 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
ksshaskpass A ssh-add helper that uses kwallet and kpassworddialog 1:5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
kmenuedit Plasma Menu Editor 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
kinfocenter KDE Info Center 2:5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
discover KDE and Plasma resources management GUI 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
bluedevil BlueDevil is the bluetooth stack for Plasma 5.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-24
phpmyadmin Handles the administration of MySQL over the web 4.7.8 1.mga6 2018-02-23
python3-docs Documentation for the Python programming language 3.5.3 1.2.mga6 2018-02-23
tkinter3-apps Various applications written using tkinter 3.5.3 1.2.mga6 2018-02-23
marble A virtual globe and world atlas 17.12.2 1.1.mga6 2018-02-22
akregator A Feed Reader for KDE 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
pim-sieve-editor Application to assist with editing IMAP Sieve filters 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
pim-data-exporter Application to assist you with backing up and archiving PIM data 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
mbox-importer Wizard to assist with importing MBox email archives into Akonadi 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
korganizer Calendar and scheduling component 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kontact Container application to unify several major PIM applications within one application 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kmail Email client, supporting POP3 and IMAP mailboxes 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
ktnef TNEF Viewer/Extractor 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kmail-account-wizard An application which assists you with the configuration of accounts in KMail 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
konqueror KDE file and web browser 1:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
knotes Note taking 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kimagemapeditor HTML imagemap editor for KDE 1:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kfind KDE file find utility 1:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
keditbookmarks Bookmarks editor 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kalarm Application to manage alarms and other timer based alerts for the desktop 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
kaddressbook Address Book application to manage your contacts 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
grantlee-editor Utilities and tools to manage themes in KDE PIM applications 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
akonadi-import-wizard Assistant to import PIM data from other applications into Akonadi for use in KDE PIM applications 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
akonadiconsole Console that help debugging Akonadi 2:17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
akonadi-calendar-tools Akonadi Calendar Tools 17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
telepathy-kde-text-ui Telepathy handler for Text Chats 17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
telepathy-kde-send-file File Manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact 17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
telepathy-kde-desktop-applets Telepathy KDE Desktop Plasmoid 17.12.2 1.mga6 2018-02-22
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