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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
chromium-browser A fast webkit-based web browser (transition package) 1:88.0.4324.182 1.mga8 2021-03-01
chromium-browser-stable A fast webkit-based web browser 88.0.4324.182 1.mga8 2021-03-01
qgis Geographic Information System for Linux/Unix 3.16.4 1.mga8 2021-03-01
lxterminal Lightweight VTE-based terminal emulator 0.4.0 1.mga8 2021-03-01
pcmanfm PCMan File Manager 1.3.2 1.mga8 2021-03-01
libfm GIO-based library for file manager-like programs 1.3.2 1.mga8 2021-03-01
lxshortcut Edit app shortcuts 1.3.2 1.mga8 2021-03-01
qbittorrent A lightweight but featureful BitTorrent client 4.3.3 1.mga8 2021-03-01
xpdf A PDF file viewer for the X Window System 4.03 1.mga8 2021-02-28
thunderbird Full-featured email, RSS, and newsgroup client 0:78.8.0 1.mga8 2021-02-28
firefox Mozilla Firefox Web browser 0:78.8.0 1.mga8 2021-02-28
pavucontrol Volume control for Pulseaudio sound server for Linux 4.0 3.mga8 2021-02-28
xterm Standard terminal emulator for the X window system 363 1.1.mga8 2021-02-27
mgba-qt Qt 5 frontend for the mGBA emulator 0.8.4 1.1.mga8 2021-02-27
WindowMaker A window manager for the X Window System 0.95.9 3.1.mga8 2021-02-27
spectacle The new screenshot capture utility, replaces KSnapshot 20.12.0 2.1.mga8 2021-02-27
kxstitch Program to create cross stitch patterns 2.2.0 4.1.mga8 2021-02-27
digikam A KDE photo management utility 1:7.1.0 4.1.mga8 2021-02-27
showfoto Fast Image Editor 1:7.1.0 4.1.mga8 2021-02-27
blender A fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package 2.83.10 3.1.mga8 2021-02-27
converseen A batch image conversion tool 4.1.mga8 2021-02-27
imagemagick-desktop ImageMagick menus 1.mga8.tainted 2021-02-27
imagemagick-desktop ImageMagick menus 1.mga8 2021-02-27
mumble Low-latency, high-quality voice communication for gamers 1.3.4 1.mga8 2021-02-27
svlc Skinned GUI plugin for the VLC media player 2.1.mga8 2021-02-26
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 2.1.mga8 2021-02-26
svlc Skinned GUI plugin for the VLC media player 2.1.mga8.tainted 2021-02-26
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 2.1.mga8.tainted 2021-02-26
ranger A flexible console file manager 1.9.3 3.1.mga8 2021-02-26
kodi Kodi - media player and home entertainment system 19.0 2.mga8.tainted 2021-02-25
kodi Kodi - media player and home entertainment system 19.0 2.mga8 2021-02-25
python3-docs Documentation for the Python programming language 3.8.8 1.mga8 2021-02-25
tkinter3-apps Various applications written using tkinter 3.8.8 1.mga8 2021-02-25
kmplayer A multimedia mplayer/phonon frontend for Plasma 5 0.12.0b 9.git20210126.1.mga8 2021-02-25
pcmanfm-qt File manager for the LXQt desktop 0.16.0 4.1.mga8 2021-02-25
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