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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
openyahtzee Open-source version of the classic dice game Yahtzee 1.9.3 10.2.mga8 2022-01-20
playonlinux Play your Windows games on Linux 4.4 1.1.mga8 2022-01-05 29848 (QA)
slade An editor for DOOM maps and WAD/PK3 archives 3.2.0 0.b2.3.1.mga8 2022-01-05 29848 (QA)
scorched3d 3D artillery game similar to Scorched Earth 44 14.1.mga8 2022-01-05 29848 (QA)
freedink-dfarc Frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink 3.14 8.1.mga8 2022-01-05 29848 (QA)
asc Advanced Strategic Command - Turn-based strategy game 20.1.mga8 2022-01-05 29848 (QA)
arx-libertatis Cross-platform port of the GPL'ed Arx Fatalis game by Arkane Studios 1.2 1.mga8 2021-07-14
pioneerspacesim Pioneer - A game of lonely space adventure 20210203 1.mga8 2021-06-04 29077 (QA)