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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
libextractor3 Libextractor library used to extract meta-data from files 1.9 2.mga7 2019-05-16
libextractor_common1 Libextractor library for common functions 1.9 2.mga7 2019-05-16
darktable Open source photography workflow application and RAW developer 2.6.2 2.mga7 2019-05-16
ffdiaporama Movie creator from photos and video clips 2.1.9.devel.2014.0701 16.mga7 2019-05-16
libkf5exiv2-devel Devel stuff for libkexiv2 2:19.04.0 2.mga7 2019-05-16
libkf5exiv2_5 libkexiv2 library 2:19.04.0 2.mga7 2019-05-16
libgexiv2-devel A GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library 0.12.0 3.mga7 2019-05-16
libgexiv2-gir0.10 GObject Introspection interface description for libgexiv2 0.12.0 3.mga7 2019-05-16
libgexiv2_2 A GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library 0.12.0 3.mga7 2019-05-16
gpscorrelate GPS photo tagging application 1.6.1 11.mga7 2019-05-16
nomacs A fast and small image viewer 3.12 4.mga7 2019-05-16
geeqie Graphics file browser utility 1.4 5.mga7 2019-05-16
gnome-color-manager Color management tools for GNOME 3.32.0 3.mga7 2019-05-16
gthumb An image viewer and browser for GNOME 3.7.2 2.mga7 2019-05-16
gthumb-devel Header files for building gthumb extensions 3.7.2 2.mga7 2019-05-16
merkaartor Openstreetmap mapping program 0.18.3 12.mga7 2019-05-16
kphotoalbum Photo album manager 1:5.5 2.mga7 2019-05-16
gnome-commander A GNOME filemanager similar to the Norton Commander(TM) 1.10.1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kfilemetadata A library for extracting file metadata 5.57.0 2.mga7 2019-05-16
libkf5filemetadata-devel Devel stuff for kfilemetadata 5.57.0 2.mga7 2019-05-16
libkf5filemetadata5 A library for extracting file metadata 5.57.0 2.mga7 2019-05-16
pdf2djvu PDF to DJVu file converter 0.9.12 3.mga7 2019-05-16
pinot Personal search and metasearch for the Free Desktop 1.08 14.mga7 2019-05-16
pinot-devel Development files for Pinot 1.08 14.mga7 2019-05-16
phototonic An image viewer and organizer 2.1.10 3.mga7 2019-05-16
pix Image viewer and browser utility 2.0.3 2.mga7 2019-05-16
pix-devel Image viewer and browser utility -- Development Files 2.0.3 2.mga7 2019-05-16
sir A simple application for re-sizing images 3.2 5.mga7 2019-05-16
ufraw Graphical tool to convert raw images of digital cameras 0.22 11.mga7 2019-05-16
ufraw-batch Commandline tool to convert raw images of digital cameras 0.22 11.mga7 2019-05-16
ufraw-gimp Reads the raw image formats of digital cameras into GIMP 0.22 11.mga7 2019-05-16
luminance-hdr A graphical tool for creating and tone-mapping HDR images 2.5.1 15.mga7 2019-05-16
xtables-addons-kernel-5.1.2-desktop-2.mga7 xtables-addons driver for kernel-desktop-5.1.2-2.mga7 3.3 29.mga7 2019-05-16
xtables-addons-kernel-5.1.2-desktop586-2.mga7 xtables-addons driver for kernel-desktop586-5.1.2-2.mga7 3.3 29.mga7 2019-05-16
xtables-addons-kernel-5.1.2-server-2.mga7 xtables-addons driver for kernel-server-5.1.2-2.mga7 3.3 29.mga7 2019-05-16
virtualbox-kernel-5.1.2-desktop-2.mga7 virtualbox driver for kernel-desktop-5.1.2-2.mga7 6.0.8 2.mga7 2019-05-16
virtualbox-kernel-5.1.2-desktop586-2.mga7 virtualbox driver for kernel-desktop586-5.1.2-2.mga7 6.0.8 2.mga7 2019-05-16
virtualbox-kernel-5.1.2-server-2.mga7 virtualbox driver for kernel-server-5.1.2-2.mga7 6.0.8 2.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-source-5.1.2-2.mga7 The Linux source code for kernel-5.1.2-2.mga7 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-desktop-devel-5.1.2-2.mga7 The kernel-devel files for kernel-desktop-5.1.2-2.mga7 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-desktop-5.1.2-2.mga7 Linux Kernel for desktop use with i686 and less than 4GB RAM 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-desktop586-5.1.2-2.mga7 Linux kernel for desktop use with i586 and less than 4GB RAM 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-desktop586-devel-5.1.2-2.mga7 The kernel-devel files for kernel-desktop586-5.1.2-2.mga7 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-server-5.1.2-2.mga7 Linux Kernel for server use with i686 & 64GB RAM 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
kernel-server-devel-5.1.2-2.mga7 The kernel-devel files for kernel-server-5.1.2-2.mga7 1 1.mga7 2019-05-16
bluegriffon The next-generation Web Editor 3.1 5.mga7 2019-05-16
gedit-plugins Extra plugins for gedit 3.32.2 1.mga7 2019-05-16
gedit Small but powerful text editor for GNOME 3.32.2 1.mga7 2019-05-16
gedit-devel Headers for writing gEdit plugins 3.32.2 1.mga7 2019-05-16
flrig Transceiver control program for Amateur Radio use 1.3.44 1.mga7 2019-05-16
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