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Name Summary Version Release Build date Bug link
python3-pyclip Cross-platform clipboard utilities supporting both binary and text data 0.5.4 1.mga8 2021-11-14
liblibglibutil-devel Library of glib utilities 1.0.56 1.mga8 2021-11-14
liblibglibutil1 Library of glib utilities 1.0.56 1.mga8 2021-11-14
dkms-anbox Anbox kernel modules for running an Android runtime such as Waydroid 0.0.1 2.mga8 2021-11-14 32797 (partial match, QA)
ecryptfs-utils The eCryptfs mount helper and support libraries 111 2.1.mga8 2021-10-19
ecryptfs-utils-devel The eCryptfs userspace development package 111 2.1.mga8 2021-10-19
haproxy Reliable High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer 2.4.2 5.mga8 2021-08-02 32873 (partial match, QA)
haproxy-utils Utilities for working with HAProxy servers 2.4.2 5.mga8 2021-08-02 32873 (partial match, QA)
android-tools Android platform tools (adb, fastboot, mkbootimg) 31.0.0p1 1.mga8 2021-05-04 28860 (no QA)
python3-structlog Painless structural logging 19.2.0 1.mga8 2021-04-21
perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma Low-Level Interface to lzma compression library 2.101.0 1.mga8 2021-03-11
null A dummy package for bs testing purpose 1:12 97.1.mga8 2021-03-03
null-dummy6 Test package 1:12 97.1.mga8 2021-03-03
tellico A collection manager 3:3.3.5 1.1.mga8 2021-02-28 32685 (partial match, QA)
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