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Summary: A 2D shooter on rails

Andy's Super Great Park is an original game with an inventive and easy to
learn gameplay, where every action can be simply done with a mouse.
Challenge your reflexes and your dexterity in this adventure of 25 to 43
levels, punctuated by amazing boss fights.

Through 25 main levels, you will have to retrieve a minimum number of
balloons using your plunger gun while avoiding collisions with the obstacles
dropped on the path (explosive zeppelins, crates, TNT…). Try to get the best
scores and unlock up to 18 extra levels!

Grabbing balloons with a plunger gun, shooting birds with a cannon and
exploding everything else, all while riding a roller coaster: this is Andy's
Super Great Park!

License: GPLv3+ and CC-BY-SA 3.0

Maintainer: akien

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