Package : gkrellm-plugins

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Summary: Plugins for gkrellm

This package contains some plugins for gkrellm. Included are the following

* volume, controls mixer
* mailwatch, watches individual mailboxes for new mail
* gkrellmitime, displays internet time
* gkrellmss, sound scope
* gkrellmwireless, monitors the link quality of a wireless LAN card
* gkrellm-radio, radio tuner interface
* gkrellweather, checks and reports weather conditions
* fmonitor, displays contents of files
* reminder, a cron-lick scheduler
* gkleds, plugin which monitors CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock
* gkrellmbgchg, Change your background on a schedule
* gkrellsun, Sunrise and Sunset display
* gkx86info, Calculates Mhz/Ghz of processor
* gkrellmoon, shows the phases of the moon
* seti, displays information about your seti progress
* gkrellm-hddtemp, displays temperatures of hard disks
* gkrellmlaunch, allows one click access to programs

License: GPLv2

Maintainer: bcornec

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