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  • dkms : Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework
  • dkms-anbox : Anbox kernel modules for running an Android runtime such as Waydroid
  • dkms-bbswitch : bbswitch - Optimus GPU power switcher
  • dkms-broadcom-wl : Kernel module for Broadcom wireless adapters
  • dkms-dahdi : Kernel drivers for the Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface (DAHDI)
  • dkms-digimend : DIGImend graphics tablet drivers for the Linux kernel
  • dkms-ipt_NETFLOW : DKMS-ready module for ipt_netflow, an iptables modules
  • dkms-libafs : DKMS-ready kernel source for AFS distributed filesystem
  • dkms-minimal : Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework - minimal package
  • dkms-nvidia390 : NVIDIA kernel module for GeForce 420 and later cards
  • dkms-rtl8192eu : dkms package for rtl8192eu driver
  • dkms-sysdig : Kernel module required for live tracing, built via dkms
  • dkms-vhba : Virtual SCSI HBA kernel module
  • dkms-xtables-addons : dkms package for xtables-addons
  • dkms-zd1211 : DKMS-ready kernel-source for the ZyDAS ZD1211 kernel module
  • fwts-efi-runtime-dkms : Firmware Test Suite frontend interface

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