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  • anjuta : Integrated development environment for C and C++ (Linux)
  • arduino : An IDE for Arduino-compatible electronics prototyping platforms
  • bluej : An integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching
  • codelite : A powerful open-source, cross platform C/C++/PHP IDE
  • diffuse : A graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
  • distcc : Distributed C/C++ compilation
  • fltk-fluid : Fast Light User Interface Designer: GUI builder for FLTK
  • fp-ide-en : Text Mode Free Pascal IDE (English)
  • fp-ide-ru : Text Mode Free Pascal IDE with CP866 adaptation (Russian)
  • gameconqueror : CheatEngline-alike interface for scanmem
  • godot : Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor
  • highlight-gui : GUI for the hihghlight source code formatter
  • icecream-monitor : GUI monitor for icecream distributed compiled system
  • kdevelop : Integrated Development Environment for C++/C
  • littlewizard : Development Environment for Children
  • mseide-msegui : MSEide+MSEgui Free Pascal Cross Platform GUI Development System
  • ntk-fluid : Non Toolkit User Interface Designer
  • pencil : A sketching and GUI prototyping tool
  • qgit : A git GUI viewer
  • rapidsvn : A cross-platform GUI for the Subversion concurrent versioning system
  • renderdoc : Stand-alone graphics API debugging tool for Vulkan and OpenGL
  • tkcvs : Tk interface for CVS
  • tortoisehg : Mercurial GUI command line tool thg
  • ufoai-uforadiant : UFO: Alien Invasion map editor
  • uidesigner : fpGUI's Visual User Interface Designer
  • zeal : Offline API documentation browser

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