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  • arandr : Screen layout editor for xrandr 1.2 (Another XRandR gui)
  • compiz : OpenGL composite manager for Xgl and AIGLX
  • compiz-ccsm : Compiz Config Settings Manager
  • compiz-fusion-icon : Simple tray icon for compiz
  • florence : Extensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard
  • fskbsetting : GUI Front-end for setxkbmap command
  • gxneur : GTK front-end for X Neural Switcher (xneur)
  • ptbatterysystemtray : A simple battery monitor in the system tray, using Qt
  • qxkb : Qt keyboard layout switcher
  • x11vnc : VNC server for the current X11 session
  • xinput_calibrator : A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
  • xvkbd : Virtual (on-screen) keyboard for X

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