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This page compares the packages present in Mageia 1 with those in Mageia 2. It can be customized by using the filters available at the top of the page.

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Name Mageia 1 Mageia 2
2mandvd Video DVD creation tool, successor to ManDVD 1.5.3 1.7.3
abbot-suite abbot editor 1.0.2
abiword Lean and fast full-featured word processor 2.8.6 2.9.2
abrt-gui abrt's gui 1.1.17 2.0.7
abuse-sdl The classic Crack-Dot-Com game 0.8
accerciser An interactive Python tool for querying accessibility information 1.12.1 3.4.1
aisleriot A compilation of solitaire card games 2.32.1 3.4.1
akonadi-kde Akonadi control center for KDE 2: 2:4.8.5
akonadiconsole Console that help debugging Akonadi 2: 2:4.8.5
akregator A Feed Reader for KDE 2: 2:4.8.5
alienarena Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game 7.51 7.53
alsa-tools Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) tools 1.0.25
alsamixergui Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) graphical mixer 0.9.0
amarok A powerful media player for KDE4 3:2.4.1 3:2.5.0
amor Amusing Misuse Of Resources put's comic figures above your windows 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
amsn MSN Messenger clone for Linux 0.98.4 0.98.9
anjuta Integrated development environment for C and C++ (Linux) 3.4.0
anki Flashcard program for using space repetition learning 1.2.8 1.2.9
antlrworks The ANTLR GUI Development Environment 1.4.3
apper KDE interface for PackageKit 0.7.1
arandr Screen layout editor for xrandr 1.2 (Another XRandR gui) 0.1.5
ardesia A free digital sketchpad software 1.0
ardour Professional multi-track audio recording application 1:2.8.11 1:2.8.12
arduino An IDE for Arduino-compatible electronics prototyping platforms 1:1.0
areca-backup Java based backup utility 7.2.2
arista An easy to use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop 0.9.5 0.9.7
ark Program for managing various archive formats within the KDE environment 4.6.5 4.8.5
armagetron Armagetron Advanced, 3D lightcycle game using OpenGL
assaultcube AssaultCube is a total conversion of Wouter van Oortmerssen's FPS called Cube
atanks Scorched Earth game clone 4.8 5.3
aterm A terminal emulator with pleasant visual effects 1.0.1
atomix Mind game - build molecules out of single atoms 2.14.0
audacious A versatile and handy media player 5:2.4.5 5:3.2.4
audacity Free Audio Editor With Effects/Analysis Tools 1.3.12 2.0.0
aumix A GTK+ / Ncurses audio mixer 2.8 2.9.1
auralquiz A simple music quiz game for GNU/Linux 0.8
auto-multiple-choice Multiple choice papers management 0.468 1.0.3
avant-window-navigator A dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen 0.4.0
avidemux-gtk A free video editor - GTK GUI 2.5.4 2.5.6
avidemux-qt Qt5 graphical user interface for avidemux 2.5.4 2.5.6
avogadro An advanced molecular editor for chemical purposes 1.0.1 1.0.3
awesome Highly configurable, framework window manager for X. Fast, light and extensible 3.4.9 3.4.10
axel-kapt GUI for axel 0.3
backintime-gnome Gnome Frontend for Back In Time 1.0.6 1.0.8
backintime-kde4 KDE Frontend for Back In Time 1.0.6 1.0.8
bangarang A KDE media player 2.0 2.1
banshee Music player with mobile player support 2.0.1 2.3.6
baobab Disk Usage Analyzer (aka Baobab) 3.4.1
basket BasKet Note Pads - a system for organizing information in KDE 1.80 1.81
berusky Advanced sokoban clone with nice graphics 1.3
berusky2 Bugs Escape 3D - Advanced Sokoban clone with nice sceneries 0.5
bibletime Easy to use Bible study tool 0:2.8.2 0:2.9.1
bino Video Player with 3D and Multi-Display Video Support 1.3.0
bleachbit Remove unnecessary files, free space, and maintain privacy 0.9.2
blender A fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package 2.49b 2.63a
bless Hexadecimal Editor 0.6.0
blinken Simon Says Game 4.6.5 4.8.5
blobby Blobby Volley 2 arcade game 0.9b 0.9c
bloboats Boat racing game 1.0.1 1.0.2
blogilo Application to create, edit and update your blog content 2: 2:4.8.5
bluedevil BlueDevil is the bluetooth stack for Plasma 1.1.1 1.3
bluefish Web development studio 2.0.3 2.2.2
bobobot A megaman clone 0
boinc-manager GUI to control and monitor boinc-client 6.10.58 7.0.6
bolzplatz2006 3D-soccer-game in comic-style 1.0.3
bomber Arcade bombing game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
bovo Classic pen and paper game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
braindump Storing your ideas 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
brasero A disc burning application for GNOME 2.32.1 3.4.1
bsh2-console bsh2 console 2.0b5
btanks Funny battle on your desk 0.9.8083
bugsquish Kill bugs with mouse 0.0.6
burgerspace A Burgertime(TM) clone 1.9.0
bwbasic A Basic interpreter 2.50
bzflag A multiplayer 3D tank battle game 1:2.0.16 1:2.4.0
caboodle Puzzle computer game, clone of the Flash game Planarity 0.5
cairo-dock A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs easily 2.2.0 2.4.0_2
calibre E-book converter and library management 0.8.6 0.8.69
calligra Set of office applications for KDE 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
calligra-active A document viewer for touch based tablets 12:2.4.4
calligra-core Set of office applications for KDE 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
calligra-mobile mobile user interaction of Calligra Suite 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
calligra-sheets SpreadSheet for calligra 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
calligra-stage Presentation for calligra-suite 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
calligra-words Word processor for calligra 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
canorus A music score editor 0.7
cantata Graphical client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) 0.3.0
cantor KDE Interface for doing Mathematics and Scientific Computing 4.6.5 4.8.5
caribou A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard 0.4.2
ccsm Compiz Config Settings Manager 0.8.4
cdemu-client Command-line client for controlling CDEmu daemon 1.3.0 1.5.0
celestia A real-time visual space simulation 1.6.0 1.6.1
celtx-ca Celtx for ca language 2.5.1
celtx-cs Celtx for cs language 2.5.1
celtx-de Celtx for de language 2.5.1
celtx-en-US Celtx for en-US language 2.5.1
celtx-es-ES Celtx for es-ES language 2.5.1
celtx-fr Celtx for fr language 2.5.1
celtx-pt-BR Celtx for pt-BR language 2.5.1
cervisia Plasma 5 - Software Development Kit 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
cheese A GNOME application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam 2.32.0 3.4.1
chessx An Open Source chess database 0.8
childsplay Games for children with plugins 0.90.2 1.6
choqok Plasma 5 Micro-Blogging Client 1.1 1.3
chromium-browser A fast webkit-based web browser (transition package) 1:20.0.1132.57 1:31.0.1650.48
chromium-browser-stable A fast webkit-based web browser 20.0.1132.57 31.0.1650.48
cirkuit KDE interface for LaTeX graphic tools 0.4.2
clamtk Easy to use front-end for ClamAV 4.31 4.43
clamz Command-line down-loader for the MP3 music store 0.5
clash A tool for swf authoring 0.4.5
claws-mail The user-friendly, lightweight and fast GTK2 based email client 1:3.7.8 1:3.8.1
clementine A cross-platform music player based on Amarok 1.4 0.7.1 1.0.1
clipgrab Download and Convert online videos
cmake-qtgui Qt GUI Dialog for CMake - the Cross-platform, open-source make system 1:2.8.4 1:2.8.7
codelite A powerful open-source, cross platform C/C++/PHP IDE 3.5.5375
comex-gtk GTK user interface for comex project
comex-qt Qt user interface for comex project
compiz OpenGL composite manager for Xgl and AIGLX 0.8.6
compiz-fusion-icon Simple tray icon for compiz 0.1
converseen A batch image conversion tool 0.4.9
cooledit Full featured multiple window programmer's text editor 3.17.17
coq-ide The Coq Integrated Development Interface 8.3pl3
crawl-tiles Tiles version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a rogue-like RPG 0.10.0
cryptkeeper System tray applet that manages EncFS encrypted folders 0.9.5
cups CUPS printing system - Server package 1.4.6 1.5.4
curtain Show a movable and resizable curtain on the desktop screen 0.2
cutecw Morse Code Training Software 1.0
cuyo A tetris-styled game with many different levels 2.1.1
d-feet D-Feet is a D-Bus debugger 0.1.14
darktable Open source photography workflow application and RAW developer 1.0.3
datovka Datovka is a free graphical interface for 'Datove schranky' 2.0.2
dconf-editor An editor for the Dconf configuration system 0.7.3 0.12.0
deadbeef Ultimate music player for GNU/Linux 0.5.2
deja-dup Simple backup tool and front-end for duplicity 16.1.1 22.1
deluge Full-featured GTK+ Bittorrent client 1.3.1 1.3.4
denemo WYSIWYG musical score editor and frontend for Lilypond 0.9.2
desktopcouch-tools Desktopcouch tools 1.0.7 1.0.8
devede Graphical frontend to create video DVDs/(S)VCDs 3.16.9 3.21.0
devhelp API documentation browser for developers 2.32.0 3.4.1
dia A gtk+ based diagram creation program 0.97.1 0.97.2
digger The Unix version of the old classic game Digger 20110916
digikam A KDE photo management utility 1.9.0 1:2.6.0
dillo Very fast and light web browser 2.2 3.0.2
djview4 DjVu viewer and browser plugin 0:4.8
djvulibre DjVu viewers, encoders and utilities 3.5.23 3.5.24
docky Advanced shortcut bar written in Mono 2.1.3
dolphin File manager for KDE focusing on usability 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
dragonplayer A simple video player for KDE 4 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
drakconf The Mageia Control Center 12.21.9 12.30
draklive-install Live installer 1.34 1.36
drakpxelinux PXE default file configurator 1.2.2
drakx-net Mageia network tools 0.97.2 1.12.2
drakx-net-applet Mageia network applet 0.97.2 1.12.2
drakxtools-curses The drakxtools (diskdrake, ...) 13.58 14.22.4
drascula Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back - 1996 Adventure Game 1.0
drracket Racket graphical development environment 5.2.1
drwright Typing monitor to force typing breaks 3.2.4
dvdisaster Additional error protection for CD/DVD media 0.72.3
dvdstyler DVD authoring application 2.1
dwm A minimalist window manager for the X Window System 6.0
e Enlightenment DR 20 window manager 0.16.999.55225 0.16.999.68658
easychem 2D molecular drawing program 0.6
easystroke A gesture-recognition application for X11 0.5.4
easytag Tag editor for MP3, OGG files 2.1.6 2.1.7
eboard summary FICS chess-server interface 1.0.4 1.1.1
ecasound Sound processing, multitrack recording, and mixing tools 2.7.2 2.8.1
eclipse-platform Eclipse platform common files 1:3.6.2 1:3.7.1
edb-debugger A free OllyDbg like debugger 0.9.18
edje_viewer A simple viewer for edj files 0.1.0 1.1.0
efax-gtk GTK2 front-end for efax 3.2.9
egoboo 3D dungeon crawling game 1:2.8.1
eigen3-doc This is the API documentation for Eigen3 3.0.5
ekiga Voice and Video over IP software (H323 / SIP) 3.2.7 4.0.1
elementary Basic widget set that is easy to use based on EFL for mobile touch-screen devices 0.8.0
emacs GNU Emacs text editor with X11 support 23.2 23.3
emerillon A map viewer for GNOME 0.1.90
emesene IM client for the Windows Live Messenger network and others 1.6.3 2.12.5
empathy A IM client based on Telepathy framework 2.34.0 3.4.1
enjoy Music player written using Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 0.1.0
enna Media center 0.4.1
eog The Eye of GNOME image viewer 2.32.1 3.4.1
epdfview Simple and lightweight PDF viewer 0.1.7 0.1.8
ephoto Enlightenment photo manager 0.1.1
epiphany GNOME web browser based on the webkit rendering engine 2.30.6 3.4.1
eric4 A Python IDE 4.5.0
esmska Sending SMS over the Internet 1.2.0
eterm Terminal emulator 0.9.5 0.9.6
etoys An educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways 4.1.2390
ettercap Ncurses/Gtk2 based sniffer/interceptor utility
eve A web browser based on the EFL and EWebKit 0.3.0
evince GNOME Document viewer 2.32.0 3.4.0
evol-client Evol Online branding and theme in manaplus
evolution Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book 2.32.2 3.4.1
evolution-data-server Evolution Data Server 2.32.2 3.4.4
exaile A powerful GTK music player 1: 1:
exo An extension library for Xfce desktop environment 0.6.0 0.8.0
expedite Evas benchmark/test suite 0.7.2 1.1.0
fcitx Fcitx - Free Chinese Input Toys for X 4.0.1 4.2.0
feh Image viewer at heart, though it does other cool stuff 1.12 2.2
ffdiaporama Movie creator from photos and video clips 1.2.1
ffmulticonverter GUI File Format Converter 1.3.1
fglrx-control-center AMD Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition 8.881 8.961
fgrun Graphical launcher for the FlightGear flight simulator 1.6.0
file-roller An archive manager for GNOME 2.32.2 3.4.1
filelight Graphical disk usage statistics 4.6.5 4.8.5
filerunner A simple file manager with built-in FTP support 2.5.1
filezilla Fast and reliable FTP client 3.5.0 3.7.3
fillets-ng Fish Fillets NG, a puzzle game with 70 levels 1.0.0 1.0.1
findbugs Find bugs in Java code 1.3.9
firefox Mozilla Firefox Web browser 0:10.0.11 0:24.1.1
firestarter A GUI firewall tool for GNOME 2 1.0.3
flacon Audio file splitter and converter 0.6.0
flare Dark fantasy single-player 2D action RPG using the FLARE engine 0.15
flash-player-plugin Flash Player plugin for browsers
flaw F.L.A.W. is a fighting game between magicians 1.3.2
fldigi A software modem for Amateur Radio use 3.21.40
flight-of-the-amazon-queen A adventure game using scummvm 1
flightgear The FlightGear Flight Simulator 2.0.0 2.6.0
florence Extensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard 0.5.1
flow Diagramming and flowcharting apps for calligra 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
fluxbox Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code 1.3.0 1.3.2
fotowall Photo collection creativity tool 0.9
fotoxx Editor of image files from digital cameras 12.03.1
fox-example-apps FOX example applications 1.7.32
foxtrotgps Easy-to-use graphical GPS tool 1.1.0
freeciv-client FREE CIVilization clone - client 2.2.5 2.3.1
freeciv-server FREE CIVilization clone - server 2.2.5 2.3.1
freecol Turn-based strategy game based on Colonization 0.10.0 0.10.5
freedroid Clone of the C64 Game Paradroid 1.0.2
freedroidrpg A futuristic and immersive action RPG about fighting bots 0.15
freetuxtv Freetuxtv - TV player 0.5.2 0.6.3
frescobaldi A LilyPond sheet music editor 1.2.0 2.0.4
frogr Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME 0.6.1
fullrecall A software that can help to memorize with the minimum time investment
furiusisomount An ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG Image management utility
fvwm2 The F virtual window manager for the X Window system 2.6.1 2.6.4
fwbuilder Firewall Builder
gajim Jabber Client written in PyGTK 0.15 0.15.3
galculator GTK based calculator 1.3.4
gambas3-ide The Gambas IDE 3.1.1
gaupol Subtitle editor 0.17.2 0.19.2
gcalctool GNOME desktop calculator 5.32.2
gcdemu GTK+ based GUI for controlling CDEmu daemon 1.3.0 1.5.0
gchem3d Molecules Viewer 0.13.5
gchemcalc Chemical calculator 0.13.5
gchempaint GNOME 2D chemical structure drawing tool 0.13.5
gchemtable Periodic table 0.13.5
gcin An input method server for traditional Chinese 1.6.2 2.7.5
gcompris Educational suite for kids 2-10 years old 9.6.1 12.01
gconf-editor An editor for the GConf configuration system 2.32.0 3.0.1
gcr A library for bits of crypto UI and parsing 3.4.1
gcrystal Crystal structure viewer 0.13.5
gcstar A collection manager 1.6.2
gdm The GNOME Display Manager 2.32.1 3.4.1
geda-gattrib Electronics schematics editor 1:1.6.2 1:1.7.2
geda-gschem Electronics schematics editor 1:1.6.2 1:1.7.2
gedit Small but powerful text editor for GNOME 2.30.4 3.4.1
geeqie Graphics file browser utility 1.1
gemrb Port of the original Infinity (Game) Engine 0.6.4 0.7.0
genius A general purpose calculator and math tool 1.0.14
gens-gs A Sega Genesis, Sega CD and Sega 32X emulator 2.16.7
gerbv Gerber file viewer 2.6.0
get-skype Download and Install Skype
ghex GNOME Hexadecimal Editor 2.24.0 3.4.0
giggle Gtk frontend for git 0.5 0.6.1
gimp The GNU Image Manipulation Program 1:2.6.11 1:2.8.2
gitg GTK+ graphical interface for the git revision control system 0.2.5
glabels GNOME program to create labels and business cards 2.3.0 3.0.0
glade GTK+ / GNOME 3 widget builder 1:3.12.0
glade3 GTK+ 2 / GNOME 2 widget builder 1:3.8.0 1:3.8.2
glchess Chess with a 3D board 2.32.1 3.4.1
glines Move balls 2.32.1 3.4.1
glom Easy-to-use database designer and user interface 1.21.7
gloobus-preview A Gnome extension to enable previews for any kind of file 0.4.1
gltron Gltron, a 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL 0.70
gluon Gluon is a cross-platform free and open source 2D game engine from KDE 0.71.0
gmpc Gtk2 frontend for the mpd 0.20.0 11.8.16
gmusicbrowser Jukebox for collections of music files 1:1.1.9
gnect A four-in-a-row game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnibbles A worm game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnobots2 Graphical version of text based robots game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnofract4d A fractal generation program for linux 3.13 3.14
gnokii-xgnokii Graphical Linux/Unix tool suite for Nokia mobile phones 0.6.29 0.6.31
gnomad2 A Nomad Jukebox manager 2.9.4 2.9.6
gnome-activity-journal GUI to browse and search your Zeitgeist activities 0.8.0
gnome-bluetooth GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem 1:2.32.0 1:3.4.0
gnome-boxes A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems
gnome-color-manager Color management tools for GNOME 2.32.0 3.4.0
gnome-commander A GNOME filemanager similar to the Norton Commander(TM)
gnome-contacts Contacts manager for GNOME 3.4.0
gnome-control-center GNOME control center 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnome-dictionary GNOME Dictionary 1:3.4.0
gnome-disk-utility Disk management daemon 2.32.0 3.4.1
gnome-do Quick launch and search 0.8.5
gnome-documents Document manager application for GNOME 0.4.1
gnome-font-viewer GNOME Font Viewer 3.4.0
gnome-games GNOME games 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnome-mahjongg GNOME Mahjongg game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnome-media GNOME media programs 2.32.0 2.91.2
gnome-menus GNOME menu library 2.30.5 3.4.0
gnome-mplayer Simple GUI for MPlayer 1.0.0 1.0.6
gnome-nettool Network information tool for GNOME 3.2.0
gnome-packagekit A PackageKit client for the GNOME desktop 2.32.0 3.4.0
gnome-packagekit-common Common files and services for GNOME PackageKit 2.32.0 3.4.0
gnome-packagekit-extra Session applications to manage packages with GNOME PackageKit (extra bits) 2.32.0 3.4.0
gnome-panel The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnome-phone-manager GNOME Cellular Phone Manager 0.68
gnome-pilot GNOME Pilot programs 2.32.1 2.91.93
gnome-power-manager GNOME Power Manager 2.32.0 3.4.0
gnome-screensaver GNOME Screensaver 2.30.2 3.4.1
gnome-screenshot GNOME Screenshot utility 3.4.1
gnome-search-tool GNOME Search tool 3.4.0
gnome-session The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnome-shell Core user interface for the GNOME 3 desktop 3.4.1
gnome-subtitles Subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop 1.2
gnome-sudoku GNOME Sudoku game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnome-system-log GNOME System log utility 3.4.1
gnome-system-monitor Simple process monitor 2.28.2 3.4.1
gnome-terminal GNOME terminal 3.0.0
gnome-tweak-tool A tool to customize advanced GNOME 3 options 3.3.4
gnomine A puzzle game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnote Note-taking application 0.7.3 0.8.2
gnotravex A simple puzzle game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gnotski Clone of the Klotski game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gns3 Graphical network simulator that allows simulation of complex networks 0.7 0.8.2
gnucash Application to keep track of your finances 2.4.5 2.4.10
gnumeric A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME 1.10.14 1.11.3
gnuplot A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data 4.4.3 4.4.4
gnuradio-companion The GNU Radio Companion
gnuradio-doc Software Defined Radio
gobby A free collaborative editor 0.4.12
goobox CD player and ripper for GNOME 3.0.0
gossip SLF4j Gossip Provider 1.7
gparted Graphical frontend to libparted 0.8.0 0.12.0
gpick Advanced color picker written in C++ using GTK+ toolkit 0.2.4
gpicview A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X 0.2.1 0.2.2
gpodder A graphical podcast catcher 2.15 3.0.4
gprolog GNU Prolog is a free implementation of Prolog 1.3.1 1.4.0
gpsd-clients Clients for gpsd with an X interface 2.95 3.3
gradle Build automation tool 1.0
gramps Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System 3.2.6 3.3.1
granatier KDE Bomberman game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
grass Geographic Resources Analysis Support System 6.4.0 6.4.2
grhino An Othello/Reversi chess with strong AI 0.16.1
grig A Ham Radio Control graphical user interface 0.8.0
grisbi Personal finance manager 0.8.6 0.8.9
groovy18 Dynamic language for the Java Platform 1.8.5
groovy20 Dynamic language for the Java Platform 2.0.0
grsync A GTK GUI for rsync 1.1.1 1.2.1
gscan2pdf Produces multipage PDFs from a scan 0.9.32 1.0.0
gsmartcontrol GSmartControl - Hard Disk Health Inspection Tool 0.8.5 0.8.6
gspectrum Spectrum viewer 0.13.5
gstm A front-end to ssh tunneling 1.2
gtali Gnome version of Yahtzee Dice Game 2.32.1 3.4.1
gtetrinet TetriNET game client for Linux 0.7.11
gthumb An image viewer and browser for GNOME 2.12.3 3.0.0
gtkguitune Linux program for tuning guitars 0.8
gtkpod GTK interface to iPod 2.0.0 2.1.0
gtkterm Serial port terminal 0.99.7
gtranslator Translation (.po) file editor with many features 2.90.8
guayadeque Music Player with the aims to be intuitive, easy to use and fast 0.3.5
gucharmap A Unicode character map and font viewer 3.0.0
gummi A LaTeX editor for the Linux platform in C/GTK+ 0.6.3
gupnp-tools A collection of dev tools utilizing GUPnP and GTK+ 0.8.4
gurpmi User mode rpm GUI install 6.40.3 6.48.5
guvcview GTK+ UVC Viewer and Capturer 1.5.3
gv An enhanced front-end for the ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter 3.7.1 3.7.3
gvfs-archive Archiving support for gvfs 1.6.7 1.12.1
gwakeonlan A GTK+ utility to awake machines using the Wake on LAN 0.5.1
gwenview Fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
gwibber An open source microblogging client for GNOME developed with Python and GTK 3.4.0
gyachi A GTK+ based Yahoo! Chat client 1.2.11
hamster-applet Time tracking applet 2.32.1 2.91.3
harddrake-ui Main Hardware Configuration/Information Tool 13.58 14.22.4
hatari An Atari ST emulator suitable for playing games 1.5.0
heimdall-frontend Qt4 based frontend for heimdall 1.3.1
highlight-gui GUI for the hihghlight source code formatter 3.5
hime An input method server for traditional Chinese 0.9.9
hplip-gui HPLIP graphical tools 3.11.7 3.12.4
htop Interactive text-mode process viewer for Linux 0.9 1.0
httrack A free (libre/open source) and easy-to-use offline browser utility 3.44.1
hugin Panorama Tools GUI 2010.4.0 2011.4.0
i3 A tiling window manager 4.1.2
iagno GNOME Reversi game 2.32.1 3.4.1
ibus A next generation input framework 1.3.9 1.4.1
ibus-anthy ibus - Japanese Anthy engine 1.2.5 1.2.6
ibus-chewing ibus - Chinese chewing engine 1.3.10
ibus-hangul ibus - Korean Hangul engine 1.3.1 1.4.0
ibus-pinyin ibus - Chinese Pinyin engine 1.3.11 1.4.0
ibus-table ibus - table-based engine
iceape IceApe, the all-in-one internet application suite 0:2.12.1 0:2.22
icebreaker An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins 1:1.9.7
icedtea-web Additional Java components for OpenJDK - Java browser plug-in and Web Start implementation 1.1.7 1.3.2
icewm-light A light version of Icewm 1:1.3.3 1:1.3.7
idjc Internet DJ Console, a graphical SHOUTcast/Icecast client 0.8.7
imagej Image Processing and Analysis in Java 1.45b
imagemagick-desktop ImageMagick menus
imagination Simple DVD slide show maker 2.1
inkscape A vector-based drawing program using SVG 0.48.1 0.48.4
ioquake3-demo Quake 3 Arena tournament 3D shooter game demo installer 1.36
irrlicht The Irrlicht Engine SDK 1.7.2 1.8
itest-client Client component of iTest 1.4.1
itest-server Server component of iTest 1.4.1
jalopy Java Source Code Formatter 1.5b1
java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel OpenJDK Development Environment 1:
jclasslib-scripts Scripts for jclasslib 3.1
jedit Programmer's Text Editor Written in Java 4.3.1 4.3.2
jext Free source code editor written in Java 3.2
jmol An open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D 12.0.49
jovie Subsystem within the KDE desktop for conversion of text to audible speech 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
jpilot Palm Pilot desktop for Linux 1.8.1
juffed Simple tabbed text editor 0.9
juk A music player and manager for KDE 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
kaddressbook Address Book application to manage your contacts 2: 2:4.8.5
kadu A Gadu-Gadu client for online messaging 0.9.1 0.11.3
kajongg Majongg game for KDE 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kalarm Application to manage alarms and other timer based alerts for the desktop 2: 2:4.8.5
kalgebra MathML-based graph calculator 4.6.5 4.8.5
kalzium Shows the periodic system of the elements 4.6.5 4.8.5
kamoso Application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam 2.0 2.0.2
kanagram Word learning program 4.6.5 4.8.5
kanyremote KDE frontend for anyRemote Wireless remote control program 5.13
kapman A Pac-Man clone 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kapptemplate Template for KDE Application Development 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
karbon Scalable drawing for calligra 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
kate Advanced text editor 1:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
katomic Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kaudiocreator CD ripper and audio encoder frontend for Plasma5 1.2.90 1.3
kbattleship Battleship game with built-in game server 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kbibtex A BibTeX editor for KDE 0.4
kblackbox Find atoms in a grid by shooting electrons 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kblocks Single player falling blocks puzzle game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kbounce Claim areas and don't get disturbed 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kbreakout Breakout like game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kbruch Practice calculating with fractions 4.6.5 4.8.5
kcachegrind Visualisation tool for the Valgrind profiler 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kcalc KDE Calculator 4.6.5 4.8.5
kcharselect Select special characters from any font 4.6.5 4.8.5
kchmviewer KDE chm viewer 5.3 6.0
kcolorchooser KDE Color Chooser 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kdbg A Graphical Debugger Interface 2.5.1
kdebase4-runtime K Desktop Environment - Base Runtime 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kdebase4-workspace KDE 4 application workspace components 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kdegraphics-mobipocket A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files 2:4.8.5
kdelibs4-core KDE 4 system core files 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kdenlive A non-linear video editing application for KDE 0.8
kdepasswd Kde User password management 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kdepim4-core Core files for kdepim 2: 2:4.8.5
kdesdk4-scripts Scripts From kdesdk 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kdesnake snake race played against the computer 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kdevelop4 Integrated Development Environment for C++/C 4:4.2.2 4:4.3.1
kdf View free disk space 4.6.5 4.8.5
kdiamond Three-in-a-row game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kding A KDE4-port of DING 0.6
keditbookmarks Bookmarks editor 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
keepnote KeepNote lets you keep notes 0.7.5
kepas KDE Easy Publish and Share 0.9.3
keurocalc Keurocalc 1.0.2 1.2.0
kexi An integrated environment for managing data 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
key-mon Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon) 1.9
kfilereplace KDE utility that replace some strings in many of files in one operation 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kfind KDE file find utility 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kflickr Permit to easily upload photos to your account 20081222 20100817
kfloppy Format floppy disks 4.6.5 4.8.5
kformula Formula Editor for calligra 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
kfourinline Place 4 pieces in a row 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kgeography A geography learning program 4.6.5 4.8.5
kget Versatile and user-friendly download manager 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
kgoldrunner A game of action and puzzle solving 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kgpg Control your GPG keys 4.6.5 4.8.5
kgraphviewer A GraphViz dot graph viewer for Plasma 5 2.1.1
khangman Classical hangman game 4.6.5 4.8.5
kicad An open source program for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams 20111221.bzr3253
kid3 Efficient KDE ID3 tag editor 1.6 2.0.1
kig KDE Interactive Geometry 4.6.5 4.8.5
kigo Go board game for KDE 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kile Integrated LaTeX Environment for Plasma 5 2:2.1 2:2.1.2
killbots KDE port of the classic BSD console game robots 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kimagemapeditor HTML imagemap editor for KDE 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kinfocenter KDE Info Center 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kipi-plugins KDE Image Plugin Interface 1:1.9.0 1:2.6.0
kipi-plugins-acquireimages Acquireimages 1:1.9.0 1:2.6.0
kipi-plugins-dngconverter Dng converter Kipi Plugin 1:1.9.0 1:2.6.0
kipi-plugins-expoblending Expoblending Kipi Plugin 1:1.9.0 1:2.6.0
kipi-plugins-panorama Panorama tools 1:2.6.0
kipi-plugins-photolayouts-editor Photo Layouts Editor 1:2.6.0
kiriki Close of Yahtzee 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kitchensync Synchronization application based on OpenSync 0.22.0
kiten A Japanese reference/learning tool 4.6.5 4.8.5
kjots Note Taker for Plasma 5 2: 2:4.8.5
kjumpingcube A tactical game for number-crunchers 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
klatexformula Easily get an image from a LaTeX formula 3.2.4
kleopatra Certificate manager and GUI for OpenPGP and CMS cryptography 2: 2:4.8.5
klettres Language learning program 4.6.5 4.8.5
klickety An adaptation of the Clickomania game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
klines Place 5 equal pieces together, but wait, there are 3 new ones 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
klinkstatus KlinkStatus is a link checker 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kmag Screen magnifier for Plasma 5 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kmahjongg A tile laying patience 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kmail Email client, supporting POP3 and IMAP mailboxes 2: 2:4.8.5
kmess Yet another MSN messenger for KDE
kmines The classical mine sweeper 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kmix KDE Digital Mixer 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
kmldonkey A frontend for MLDonkey 2.0.7
kmousetool Automatic Mouse Click 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kmouth A type-and-say front end for speech synthesizers 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kmplayer A multimedia mplayer/phonon frontend for Plasma 5 0.11.2c 0.11.3c
kmplot A mathematical function plotter 4.6.5 4.8.5
kmymoney The Personal Finances Manager 4.5.3 4.6.2
knemo The KDE Network Monitor 0.7.1 0.7.3
knetwalk Turn the board pieces to get all computers connected 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
knights A simple chess board game for KDE 2.3.1 2.4.1
knode A newsreader for the K Desktop Environment 2: 2:4.8.5
knotes Note taking 2: 2:4.8.5
knutclient KNutClient is a visual KDE4 client for UPS systems using NUT - Network UPS Tools 1.0.4
kolf A golf game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kollision A simple ball dodging game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kolourpaint A free, easy-to-use paint program for Plasma5 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kommander Editor and program executor for .ui files 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kompare A diff graphic tool 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
konqueror KDE file and web browser 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
konquest Conquer the planets of your enemy 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
konsole A terminal emulator similar to xterm for KDE 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kontact Container application to unify several major PIM applications within one application 2: 2:4.8.5
konversation A user friendly IRC Client for Plasma 5 1.3.1 1.4
kopete KDE Internet Messenger 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
korganizer Calendar and scheduling component 2: 2:4.8.5
korundum KDE bindings for Ruby 1:4.8.5
korundum-devel Tools for ruby-kde4 1:4.8.5
koverartist Program for the fast creation of covers for cd/dvd cases and boxes 0.7.6
kpat Several patience card games 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kpdftool GhostView and ImageMagick GUI for PDF/PS files 0.23
kphotoalbum Photo album manager 4.1.1 4.2
kppp Internet Dial-Up Tool 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
kradio A V4L/V4L2-Radio Application for KDE 4.x 4.0.2 4.0.4
kraft KDE software to manage office documents in the office 0.45
krdc KDE Remote Desktop Client 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
kremotecontrol KDE Frontend for the LIRC Suite 4.6.5 4.8.5
krename A powerful batch renamer for KDE 4.0.7 4.0.9
kreversi Old reversi board game, also known as othello 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
krfb Remote Desktop Server 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
krita Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
kruler KDE Screen Ruler 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kscd KDE Audio CD Player 3:4.6.5 3:4.8.5
kshisen Patience game where you take away all pieces 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kshowmail POP mail checker for KDE 4.1
kshutdown Advanced shut down utility for Plasma 5 2.0 3.0
ksirk Computerized version of a well known strategy board game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
ksnapshot KDE Screenshot Utility 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kspaceduel Two player game with shooting spaceships flying around a sun 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
ksquares An implementation of the popular paper based game squares 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kst Program for looking at data streams 2.0.4
kstars A Desktop Planetarium 4.6.5 4.8.5
ksudoku Play, create and solve sudoku grids 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
ksystemlog System log viewer tool for Plasma 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kteatime System tray applet that makes sure your tea doesn't get too strong 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
ktimer KDE countdown launcher 4.6.5 4.8.5
ktimetracker Tracks time spent on various tasks 2: 2:4.8.5
ktorrent BitTorrent application by KDE 4.1.3 4.2.0
ktouch A program for learning touch typing 4.6.5 4.8.5
ktron Simple Tron clone 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
ktuberling KTuberling: "potato editor" game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kturtle An educational programming environment 4.6.5 4.8.5
kubrick Game based on Rubik's Cube 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kuiviewer Qt Designer UI Files Viewer 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
kuser Users and groups manager 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
kvirc Qt IRC client 4.0.4 4.1.3
kwallet KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for password management 4.6.5 4.8.5
kwave A sound editor for Plasma 5 1:0.8.7
kwooty A friendly nzb Usenet binary downloader 0.8.4
kwordquiz A general purpose flash card program 4.6.5 4.8.5
kwrite Simple text editor for Plasma 5 1:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
laby Learn how to program with ants and spider webs 0.6.3
latexila Integrated LaTeX Environment for the GNOME desktop 2.3.1
lazarus Lazarus Component Library and IDE for Freepascal
lemonpos Point of Sale software 0.9.3
lemonpos-squeeze Administrative interface of lemonpos 0.9.3
lftp Commandline ftp client 4.2.2 4.3.5
libfm GIO-based library for file manager-like programs 0.1.14 0.1.17
libgda4.0 GNU Data Access 4.2.4 4.2.12
libgda5.0 GNU Data Access 5.0.3
libgnomekbd-common Files used by GNOME keyboard libraries 2.32.0
libgtk+3.0-devel Development files for GTK+ (GIMP ToolKit) applications 3.4.1
libreoffice Free Software Productivity Suite
libreoffice-base Database front-end for LibreOffice
libreoffice-binfilter Legacy binary filters for LibreOffice
libreoffice-calc LibreOffice Spreadsheet Application
libreoffice-core Core modules for LibreOffice
libreoffice-draw LibreOffice Drawing Application
libreoffice-impress LibreOffice Presentation Application
libreoffice-javafilter Optional javafilter module for LibreOffice
libreoffice-math LibreOffice Equation Editor Application
libreoffice-writer LibreOffice Word Processor Application
libreoffice-xsltfilter Optional xsltfilter module for LibreOffice
libxfce4ui Various Xfce widgets for Xfce desktop environment 4.9.0
liferea A News Aggregator For RSS/RDF Feeds For GTK/GNOME 1:1.6.5 1:1.8.6
lightsoff GNOME Lightsoff game 2.32.1 3.4.1
lightspark An alternative Flash Player implementation
lingot A musical instrument tuner 0.9.0 0.9.1
links-graphic Lynx-like text/X11 WWW browser 2.2 2.6
linphone Voice over IP Application 3.3.2 3.5.2
linuxdcpp A DC++ port for Linux 1.1.0
lives Linux Video Editing System 1.4.9 1.6.2
liveusb-creator A liveusb creator 3.11.4
lmms Linux MultiMedia Studio 0.4.10 0.4.13
lokalize Computer-Aided Translation Tool 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
lshw-gui HardWare LiSter (GUI Frontend) 2.15 2.16
lskat Lieutnant skat 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
ltris Nice tetris clone 1:1.0.16 1:1.0.18
luckybackup A powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool 0.4.5 0.4.6
luke Lucene Index Toolbox 1.0.1
luminance-hdr A graphical tool for creating and tone-mapping HDR images 2.1.0 2.2.0
lure Lure of the Temptress - Adventure Game 1.1
lure-de Lure of the Temptress - Adventure game in German 1.1
lure-es Lure of the Temptress - Adventure game in Spanish 1.1
lure-fr Lure of the Temptress - Jeu d'aventure en fran├žais 1.1
lure-it Lure of the Temptress - Adventure game in Italian 1.1
lxappearance A new feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher 0.5.0 0.5.1
lxinput Configure keyboard and mouse 0.3.1
lxrandr Simple monitor config tool for LXDE 0.1.1 0.1.2
lxsession The default X11 session manager of LXDE 0.4.5
lxtask Lightweight and desktop independent task manager 0.1.3 0.1.4
lxterminal Lightweight VTE-based terminal emulator 0.1.9 0.1.11
lyx A word processor for the Desktop Environment 1.6.8 2.0.3
maelstrom SDL port of Maelstrom asteroids game 3.0.6
mageia-kde4-config-common Common configs used for Mageia theme 1 2
manaplus A client for Evol Online and The Mana World: 2D MMORPG
marave A text editor that helps you focus on writing 0.7
marble A virtual globe and world atlas 4.6.5 4.8.5
massif-visualizer Tool for visualizing massif data 0.3
mathomatic General purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) 0:15.8.0
maxima Symbolic Computation Program 5.24.0 5.26.0
maxima-gui Tcl/Tk GUI interface to Maxima 5.24.0 5.26.0
meandmyshadow Puzzle/platform game where you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles 0.3
mediainfo-gui-qt Qt-based GUI for mediainfo 0.7.53
mediainfo-gui-wx wx-based GUI for mediainfo 0.7.53
megaglest A free 3D real time strategy game in a fantasy setting
megaglest-data Data files for MegaGlest
meld Visual diff and merge tool 1.4.0 1.5.3
merkaartor Openstreetmap mapping program 0.15.3
metacity Metacity window manager 2.30.3 2.34.3
midori Web browser based on WebKitGtk 0.3.3 0.4.4
minitube A native YouTube client 1.5 1.7.1
miro Miro Player 3.5.1 4.0.6
mixxx Music DJing software 1.9.0 1.10.0
mkvtoolnix Matroska multimedia file utils 4.6.0 5.3.0
monodevelop A full-featured IDE for Mono and Gtk# 2.8.2
monsterz A little addictive puzzle game 0.7.1
moserial Serial terminal for the Gnome desktop 3.0.6
motv A Motif program for watching TV 3.102
mozc-tools Mozc config tools 1.3.975.102
mp3splt-gtk GTK utility to split MP3 and Ogg Files without decoding 0.7 0.7.1
mplayer-vaapi-gui GUI for mplayer-vaapi 1.0
mtr-gtk Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool - GTK Interface 0.80 0.82
mupdf MuPDF is a lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit written in portable C 0.9
musescore Linux MusE Score Typesetter 1.0 1.1
musique Lightweight music player 1.1
mutter Mutter window manager 3.4.1
mypaint Paint program for use with graphics tablets 0.9.0 1.0.0
mysql-workbench A MySQL visual database modeling, administration, development and migration tool 5.2.33b 5.2.36
mythtv-frontend Client component of mythtv (a PVR) 0.24.1 0.25
mythtv-setup Setup the mythtv backend 0.24.1 0.25
nabi Simple Hangul X Input Method 0.99.8 0.99.9
naev 2D space trading and combat game 0.4.2 0.5.1
nagios-www Provides the HTML and CGI files for the Nagios web interface 1:3.2.3 1:3.3.1
nautilus File manager for the GNOME desktop environment 3.4.1
nautilus-actions Configurable context menu for Nautilus 3.2.2
nautilus-dropbox Dropbox extension for Nautilus 0.7.1 1.4.0
navit Car navigation system with routing engine 0.1.1 0.2.0
ncview Graphic for netCDF data file 2.0 2.1.1
nemiver Graphical debugger intended for GNOME 0.9.1
nepomuk Nepomuk core service daemon 1:4.8.5
netbeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.9 7.0.1
netbeans-ide Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Libraries for NetBeans 6.9 7.0.1
netpanzer An online multiplayer tactical warfare game 0.8.4
netrek-client-cow Netrek client 3.3.1
networkmanager-applet Network connection manager system tray applet
networkmanager-openvpn NetworkManager VPN integration for OpenVPN 1: 1:
networkmanager-vpnc NetworkManager VPN integration for vpnc 1: 1:
nfoview Simple viewer for NFO files 1.9.4 1.9.5
ninja-ide Python IDE 2.0
nmap-frontend Multi-platform graphical Nmap frontend and results viewer 1:5.51 1:5.51.6
nmapsi4 Complete Qt5-based Gui to provide a complete nmap interface 0.3
noiz2sa Abstract arcade shooter 0.51a
notification-daemon Notification Daemon 0.5.0 0.7.4
numptyphysics A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game 0.2
nvidia-compute-profiler NVIDIA Compute Visual Profiler 3.2.16 4.2.9
ocaml The OCaml compiler and programming environment 3.12.0 3.12.1
ocrfeeder Optical Character Recognition program 0.7.7
octave High-level language for numerical computations 0:3.2.4 0:3.6.1
okteta Editor for raw file data as Hex values 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
okular A universal document viewer 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
okular-odp ODP file renderer for Okular 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
omegat OmegaT® - multiplatform CAT tool 2.3.0
omnitux Omnitux is an education platform for children 1.2.1
onboard On-screen keyboard with spelling suggestions, auto-show and more 0.95.2
openalchemist Free clone of naturalchimie (puzzle game) 0.3 0.4
openarena An open-source content package for Quake III Arena 0.8.1 0.8.8
openbabel Chemistry software file format converter 2.2.3 2.3.1
openbox Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code 3.5.0
openclass OpenClass is a simple open-source solution for class control 0.4
openfetion IM client based on GTK+2.0, using CHINA MOBILE's Fetion Protocol Version 4 2.2.1
opengrade Local and web-based gradebook 3.1.7 3.1.11
openmortal Parody of Mortal Kombat 0.7.1
opensc Library for accessing SmartCard devices 0.12.0 0.12.2
openshot Simple and Powerful video editor 1.3.1 1.4.2
openttd An open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" game 1.1.0 1.2.3
opera Opera Web Browser for Linux 12.11 12.16
oprofile-gui GUI for starting the OProfile profiler 0.9.6 0.9.7
orage Time-managing application for Xfce desktop environment 4.8.0 4.8.3
orca GNOME screen reader for people with visual impairments 2.32.1 3.4.1
p-uae A software emulation of the Amiga system 2.3.3
palapeli Jigsaw puzzle game 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
pan A Usenet newsreader for GNOME/GTK+ 1:0.134 1:0.135
paprefs PulseAudio Preferences 0.9.9 0.9.10
parcellite Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager 1.0.2rc3
parley KDE Vocabulary training application 4.6.5 4.8.5
parole A modern media player based on the GStreamer framework
partitionmanager KDE Partition Manager 1.0.60
pavucontrol Volume control for Pulseaudio sound server for Linux 0.9.10 1.0
pcb An interactive printed circuit board editor 20100929
pcmanfm PCMan File Manager 0.9.8 0.9.10
pcmanx-gtk2 User-friendly telnet client designed for BBS browsing 0.3.9 1.1
pdfshuffler PDF file merging, rearranging, and splitting 0.5.1 0.6.0
pekwm A minimalist window manager for the X Window System 0.1.14
pencil-planner Traditional animation software 0.4.4b
penguin-command A clone of the classic Missile Command game 1.6.11
pgadmin3 Graphical client for PostgreSQL 1.12.2 1.14.1
phatch Photo Batch Processor
phoronix-test-suite A Comprehensive Linux Benchmarking System 3.8.0
photo A fast image viewer 0.6
php-manual-en The PHP Manual in the English language 5.3.5 5.3.9
phpmyadmin Handles the administration of MySQL over the web 3.5.3
picard The official MusicBrainz tagger 0.16
pidgin A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client 2.10.6 2.10.7
pingus A free Lemmings clone 0.7.3 0.7.6
pinot Personal search and metasearch for the Free Desktop 0.98
pinta An easy to use drawing and image editing program 1.1
pipepanic A pipe connecting game 0.1.3
pitivi Pitivi non linear video editor under Linux 0.15.1
pixelize A program to build larger pictures from hundreds of smaller images 1.0.0
plan Project management application for Calligra 12:2.4.0 12:2.4.4
planner Project management application for GNOME 0.14.4 0.14.6
plasma-applet-battery Simple plasma battery applet 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-bball Bouncy ball Plasma Applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-binaryclock Simplified way to see the hours 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-blackboard A blackboard plasma applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-bookmarks Bookmark applet for KDE 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-bubblemon Monitor your system 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-calculator Plasma calculator applets 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-calendar Plasma applet calendar 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-charselect Plasma applet charselect 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-cwp Yet another weather plasmoid highly customizable this time 1.5.7
plasma-applet-eventlist Eventlist Plasmoid 0.5.96
plasma-applet-eyes Plasma applet paste 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-fifteenpuzzle Plasma fifteenpuzzle applets 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-folderview Display the content of folders (Desktop as default) 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
plasma-applet-icontasks Icontasks applet for KDE 4.8.5
plasma-applet-incomingmsg Notification of new messages 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-kalzium-calculator Plasmoid applet for kalzium calculator 4.8.5
plasma-applet-kimpanel KDE Input method panel (applet) 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-knowledgebase Widget that can query the knowledgebase of 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-konqprofiles Live konqueror profile viewer 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-konsoleprofiles Live konsole profile viewer 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-kworldclock plasma kworldclock Applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-lancelot Application launcher menu 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-leavenote leavenote Plasma Applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-life Game of Life Plasma applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-lionmail A Plasma widget displaying new and important email 0
plasma-applet-luna Lunar calendar 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-magnifique A magnification glass for Plasma canvas 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-mediaplayer Widget that can play video and sound 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-microblog Microblog applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-news Plasma applet news 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-nowplaying Song notifier applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-opendesktop Communicate using the Social Desktop 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-paste Paste text snippets:q 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-pastebin Pastebin plasma Applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-previewer Previewer Plasma Applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-qalculate A Qalculate plasma applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-quicklaunch Launch your favourite Applications 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-rssnow Plasma RSS Applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-rtm Remember The Milk Todo list applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-showdashboard Plasma showdashboard applets 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-showdesktop Show desktop contents 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-spellcheck Fast spell checking applet 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-system-monitor-cpu A CPU usage monitor 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-system-monitor-hdd A hard disk usage monitor 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-system-monitor-hwinfo Plasma applet that Show hardware informations 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-system-monitor-net A network usage monitor 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-system-monitor-temperature A system temperature monitor 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-systemloadviewer System Load Viewer 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-timer Plasma applet timer 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-unitconverter Unit Converter 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-wacomtablet Plasma applet for wacomtablet 1.3.2 1.3.6
plasma-applet-weather Weather Forecast 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-weatherstation Plasma applet weatherstation 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-webbrowser A simple webbrowser applet 2:4.6.5 2:4.8.5
plasma-applet-webslice Applet that show a part of a webpage 4.6.5 4.8.5
plasma-applet-yawp Plasma applet that allow to see the weather 0.3.6 0.4.2
playonlinux Play your Windows games on Linux 3.8.12 4.0.15
plt-drscheme PLT graphical development environment 1:4.2.4
pokerth Play Texas Holdem Poker alone or online 0.8.3 0.9.1
proguard Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator and preverifier 4.6
ptbatterysystemtray A simple battery monitor in the system tray, using Qt 0.8.0
publican-doc Documentation for the Publican package 2.8
putty SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client 0.61 0.63
pyhoca-gui A graphical client for X2Go using the Python X2Go API
pymecavideo Pedagogic tool to analyze video records for mechanics 5.4
python-docs Documentation for the Python programming language 2.7.1 2.7.5
python-whiteboard Linux whiteboard in python 0.9.9
python3-docs Documentation for the Python programming language 3.2.3
qastools A collection of desktop applications for ALSA 0.17.1
qbittorrent A lightweight but featureful BitTorrent client 2.8.2 2.9.3
qcomicbook Comic book archive viewer 0.8.2
qdigidoc Estonian digital signature application 3.4.0 3.5.0
qesteidutil Estonian ID card utility 3.4.0 3.5.0
qeven Video Converter 0.3.2
qgis Geographic Information System for Linux/Unix 1.6.0 1.7.4
qgit A git GUI viewer 2.3
qiv Gdk/imlib image viewer 2.2.3 2.2.4
qlipper Lightweight clipboard history 2.0.0
qloud tool to measure loudspeaker frequency and step responses and distortions 0.23
qmmp Feature-rich Qt-based multimedia player 0.5.4
qt-creator Qt Creator is a lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) 2.2.0 2.4.1
qt4-assistant Qt4 Assistant Doc Utility 4:4.7.4 4:4.8.4
qt4-designer qt4 Visual Design Tool 4:4.7.4 4:4.8.4
qt4-linguist Qt4 linguist translation utility 4:4.7.4 4:4.8.4
qtads GUI multimedia interpreter for TADS games 2.1.1 2.1.2
qterminal QT-based multitab terminal emulator 0.2.0
qtoctave Frontend for Octave 0.8.2 0.10.1
qtractor An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer 0.4.8 0.5.4
quadrapassel GNOME Quadrapassel game 2.32.1 3.4.1
quassel A modern cross-platform distributed (monolithic) IRC client 0.7.2 0.7.4
quassel-client A modern cross-platform distributed IRC client - Client only 0.7.2 0.7.4
quodlibet Advanced, elegant jukebox style music player 2.3.2
qutecom Internet phone software 2.2 2.2.1
qxkb Qt keyboard layout switcher 0.4.4
qxmledit Simple XML editor and XSD viewer 0.7.2
R-base A language for data analysis and graphics 2.13.0 2.14.2
radiotray Radio Tray is a streaming player for listening to online radios 0.6.4 0.7.2
rapid-photo-downloader Images downloader for external devices 0.3.6 0.4.3
rawtherapee Raw image processing software 4.0.7
razorqt-config RazorQt config tools 0.4.1
razorqt-desktop RazorQt desktop 0.4.1
razorqt-power RazorQt power application 0.4.1
razorqt-session RazorQt session 0.4.1
recoll Desktop full text search tool with a Qt GUI 1.16.2
redshift Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day 1.6 1.7
redshift-gtk GTK integration for Redshift 1.6 1.7
regexxer Interactive search and replace tool 0.10
rekonq A lightweight, WebKit based web browser for KDE 0.7.0 0.9.2
rhythmbox Music Management Application 0.13.3 2.96
ristretto A picture viewer for the Xfce desktop environment 0.0.91 0.6.3
rmanage A network discovery and management tool 0.1.8
rocs Graph Editor and a Programming Environement 4.6.5 4.8.5
rolisteam A program to manage a tabletop role-playing game with remote players 1.5.2
rosegarden Midi, audio sequencer and notation editor 11.02 11.11.11
rpmdrake Mageia graphical front end for software installation/removal 5.26.10 5.34
ruby-qt4 Ruby SMOKE adaptor for Qt 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
rxvt-unicode A color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System 9.10 9.12
rygel A UPnP v2 Media Server 0.14.0
salasaga An Integrated Development Environment for producing Elearning 0.8.0
samba-swat The Samba Web Administration Tool 3.5.8 3.6.5
samsung-tools Tools for Samsung laptops 2.1
sankore The open-source software suite for digital teachers 3.1
sauerbraten A free multi-player/single-player first person shooter game 2010_07_28
scilab Scientific software package for numerical computations 5.3.0 5.3.3
scim-common SCIM common files 1.4.9 1.4.11
scite SCIntilla based GTK+3 text editor 3.1.0
scourge Roguelike game with a 3D user interface 0.21.1
screengrab Screen grabber 0.9.90
screenlets Widget mini-apps (like OSX Dashboard or Vista Gadgets) 0.1.5
scummvm An implementation of LucasArts's SCUMM interpreter 1.2.0 1.4.1
sdlbasic A small, efficient and multiplatform basic interpreter 2007.07.14
seahorse GNOME frontend to GnuPG 2.32.0 3.4.1
sectool-gui GUI for sectool - security audit system and intrusion detection system 0.9.3 0.9.5
shotwell A photo organizer designed for GNOME 0.8.1 0.12.3
showfoto Fast Image Editor 1.9.0 1:2.6.0
shutter Feature-rich screenshot application 0.88.2
sigil A free open source WYSIWYG ebook editor 0.4.0 0.4.2
simple-scan Simple scanning utility 3.4.1
skanlite An image scanning application 0.7 0.8
skrooge Personal Finance Management Tool 0.8.1 1.2.0
skychart Planetarium software for the advanced amateur astronomer 3.4
smb4k A KDE SMB share browser 1.0.0
smokinguns A semi-realistic simulation of the "Old West's" great atmosphere FPS game 1.0
smplayer Complete front-end for mplayer written in Qt5 0.6.9 0.7.1
smtube Allows to play and download videos from YouTube 1.0
snes9x-gtk Graphical User Interface for snes9x 1.53
solfege An ear-training program 3.20.4
sound-juicer CD ripping tool using GTK+ and GStreamer 2.32.0 3.3.90
soundconverter Simple GTK+ based sound converter application 1.5.3 2.0.1
soundkonverter An audio file converter, cd ripper and replay gain tool gui for various backends 1.3.3
sparkleshare Easy file sharing based on git repositories 0.6.0
specto An desktop application that will watch configurable events 0.3.1 0.4.1
speed-dreams Speed Dreams: An open motorsport simulation 2.0.0
speedcrunch Fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator 0.10.1
spring Realtime strategy game (inspired by Total Annihilation) 85.0
squeak-vm The Squeak virtual machine
stardict International dictionary written for GNOME 3.0.1 3.0.3
stellarium Desktop planetarium in 3D 0.10.6 0.11.1
step Interactive physical simulator 4.6.5 4.8.5
sugar Constructionist learning platform 0.95.3
sugar-browse-activity Browse activity for Sugar 131
sugar-chat-activity Instant messaging client for Sugar 73
sugar-emulator The emulator for the Sugar Desktop Environment 0.95.3
sugar-imageviewer-activity Image viewer activity for Sugar 17
sugar-jukebox-activity Audio and video player for Sugar 23
sugar-log-activity Log activity for Sugar 26
sugar-pippy-activity Python programming activity for Sugar 43
sugar-terminal-activity Terminal for Sugar 35
sugar-write-activity Word processor for Sugar 77
sunflow A rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis 0.07.3
superkaramba Put Karamba applets to the desktop with Python 4.6.5 4.8.5
supertuxkart 3D kart racing game 0.7 0.7.3
svlc Skinned GUI plugin for the VLC media player 1.1.12 2.0.8
sweeper KDE System Cleaner 4.6.5 4.8.5
sweethome3d A free interior design application, with a 3D preview 3.4
swell-foop GNOME colored tiles puzzle game 2.32.1 3.4.1
sylpheed A GTK+2 based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client 3.1.0 3.1.3
synaptiks Summary Touchpad service for KDE 4 0.4.0 0.8.1
synfigstudio Vector-based 2D animation GUI 0.63.02
system-config-printer A printer administration tool 1.3.1 1.3.9
system-switch-java A tool for changing the default Java toolset 1.1.5
systemd-ui System and Service Manager UI for systemd 1
t-lasku Finnish invoicing software 1.9.4 1.15.0
taskcoach Your friendly task manager 1.2.18 1.3.13
teeworlds Online multi-player platform 2D shooter 0.5.2 0.6.1
telepathy-kde-contact-list Telepathy contact list application 0.3.0
telepathy-kde-send-file File Manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact 0.3.0
telepathy-kde-text-ui Telepathy handler for Text Chats 0.3.0
tellico A collection manager 3:2.3.3 3:2.3.5
terminal X terminal emulator for Xfce desktop environment 0.4.7 0.4.8
texmacs WYSIWYW scientific text editor
texmaker A QT-based LATEX editor 1:2.2.1 1:3.3.2
texstudio Free cross-platform LaTeX editor 2.3
textroom Full-screen rich text editor for writers 0.8.2
texworks A simple interface for working with TeX documents 0.4.3
themonospot-gui-gtk Gtk application to use themonospot (multimedia files parser/editor) 0.2.2
themonospot-gui-qt Qt application to use themonospot (multimedia files parser/editor) 0.1.3
thunar New modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment 1.3.0 1.4.0
thunar-volman A removable volume manager for Thunar 0.6.0 0.8.0
thunderbird Full-featured email, RSS, and newsgroup client 0:24.1.0
tilitin Free Finnish bookkeeping software 0.14.0 1.2.0
tkinter-apps Various applications written using tkinter 2.7.1 2.7.5
tkinter3-apps Various applications written using tkinter 3.2.3
tomahawk-player A social media player 0.3.3
tomboy Desktop Note-taking application 1.6.0 1.9.9
torcs The Open Racing Car Simulator 1.3.1 1.3.3
tortoisehg Mercurial GUI command line tool thg 2.3.2
totem Movie player for GNOME 2.32.0 3.4.1
trackballs A Marble Madness-like game 1.1.4
tracker Desktop-neutral metadata-based search framework 0.8.17 0.14.0
tradietrakka Simple business tool for Tradesmen to keep track of invoices, tax etc 0.5
transmageddon A Video Transcoder 0.20
transmission-gtk GTK Interface for Transmission BitTorrent client 2.22 2.51
transmission-qt4 Qt4 Interface for Transmission BitTorrent client 2.22 2.51
trigger-rally 3D rally racing game 0.6.0
trophy A 2D car racing action game for Linux 1.1.5 1.1.7
trustedqsl TrustedQSL ham-radio applications 1.13
ttb TTB Teletekst Browser 1.0.1
turtlearena A Third Person Action game using a modified version of the ioquake3 engine 0.6
tuxmath Math game for kids with Tux 1.9.0 2.0.3
tux_aqfh Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest For Herring 1.0.14
tvheadend TV streaming server 2.12
tvkaistagui Fast and easy GUI for Finnish TVkaista service 1.2.1 1.3.0
uget Download manager using GTK+ and libcurl 1.8.0
uim Multilingual input method library 1.6.1 1.7.3
umbrello UML Modeller 1:4.6.5 1:4.8.5
unison File-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows 2.40.61 2.40.63
unknown-horizons A popular economy and city building 2D RTS game 2011
urbanterror A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine 4.1.1
urtconnector Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program 0.5.1 0.8.1
userdrake A graphical interface for administering users and groups 1.13.5 1.13.6
v4l-utils-qt4 Qt4 tools for v4l applications 0.8.3 0.8.6
vbam A Game Boy emulator 1.8.0
vidalia Cross-platform controller GUI for Tor, built using the Qt framework 0:0.2.10 0:0.2.17
viking Global positioning system (GPS) and mapping manager 1.2.2
vim-X11 The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System 7.3.154 7.3.444
vinagre VNC Client for the GNOME Desktop 2.30.3 3.4.1
vino GNOME VNC server 2.32.1 3.4.2
virt-manager Desktop tool for managing virtual machines via libvirt 0.8.7 0.9.1
virt-viewer Virtual Machine Viewer 0.3.1 0.4.2
virtualbox A general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware 4.0.14 4.2.16
virtualjaguar Atari Jaguar Emulator 2.0.2
vlc MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player 1.1.12 2.0.8
vym Tool to manage mind maps 1.12.8 2.0.6
wahcade Front end for SDLMAME 0.99
wammu Mobile phone manager 0.35 0.36
warsow A fast-paced first-person-shooter game 0.62
warzone2100 Postnuclear real-time strategy 2.3.7 2.3.9
wavbreaker Gtk+ program to split WAV files between songs 0.10 0.11
webmin An SSL web-based administration interface for Unix systems 1.550 1.620
weboob Web Outside of Browsers: applications to interact with websites 0.7 0.9.1
wesnoth The Battle for Wesnoth - Fantasy turn-based strategy game 1.8.6 1.10.2
WindowMaker A window manager for the X Window System 0.92.0 0.95.3
wings3d A 3D subdivision modeler 1.2 1.4.1
wireshark Network traffic analyzer 1.4.15 1.8.11
wmbattery Displays the status of your laptop's battery in a small icon 2.40
wmbutton A very configurable dockapp for launching any program 0.6.1
wmcoincoin Yet another funny dockapp for reading news feed 2.5.1f
wmcpuload Another dock application to monitor CPU usage 1.0.1
wmcube Another dock monitor displaying CPU load as a spinning cube 0.98p2
wmfire A dock application that display CPUs usage and more as flames 1.2.4
wmfishtime A very fancy clock with yellow fishes 1.24
wmglobe A dock application displaying a spinning earth on a icon 1.3
wmhdplop Yet another dockapp to monitor your hard drive 0.9.9
wmix A dock application that is a small sound mixer 3.2
wmlaptop A dock application to monitor your laptop's battery and more 1.4
wmmemmon Another dock application to monitor memory usage 1.0.1
wmmoonclock A dock application showing the phase of the moon and much more 1.28
wmnd A dock application to monitor your network interfaces 0.4.16
wmsmixer A dock application that is another small sound mixer 0.5.1
wmsmpmon Another dock application to monitor multi-core systems 3.1
wmstock A dock application which displays stock quote data 0.11
wmsysmon Another dock application to monitor your computer 0.7.7
wmwebcam A dock application for your webcam 0.3.5
wmwifi A dock application to monitor your wifi network interfaces 0.6
worker A file manager for X in AMIGA style 2.17.10 2.19.1
workrave Assists in recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) 1.9.0 1.9.4
worldofpadman World Of Padman - Comic 3D-Shooter 1.6
wxmaxima An interface for the computer algebra system Maxima 0.8.6 12.01.0
wxPython-tools Example applications from wxPython 1: 1:
x11-driver-video-nvidia-current NVIDIA proprietary driver and libraries for GeForce 635 and later cards 275.09.07 295.71
x11-driver-video-nvidia173 NVIDIA proprietary driver and libraries for GeForce FX based cards 173.14.31 173.14.36
x11-driver-video-nvidia96xx NVIDIA proprietary driver and libraries for most GF2/3/4 class cards 96.43.20 96.43.23
x11vnc VNC server for the current X11 session 0.9.13
x2goclient A Qt5 client for the x2go system 3.01 1:
x2goserver The server-side core of X2go
xawtv X11 program for watching TV 3.102
xbmc XBMC Media Center - media player and home entertainment system 10.1 11.0
xboard An X Window System graphical chessboard 4.2.7 4.5.3
xca GUI for handling X509 certificates, RSA keys and PKCS#10 requests 0.9.1
xchm Summary CHM viewer for UNIX 1.17 1.20
xdosemu A DOS emulator for the X Window System
xfce-utils Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment 4.8.1 4.8.3
xfce4-appfinder Find every application in the system 4.8.0 4.9.3
xfce4-clipman-plugin Clipboard history plugin for the Xfce panel 1.2.3
xfce4-notifyd Notification daemon for Xfce desktop environment 0.2.1 0.2.2
xfce4-panel A Xfce panel 4.8.3 4.9.0
xfce4-power-manager A power manager for Xfce 1:1.0.10 1:1.2.0
xfce4-screenshooter Screen capture tool for Xfce 1.7.9 1.8.1
xfce4-session Xfce Session Manager 4.8.1 4.8.3
xfce4-settings Configuration settings manager for Xfce 4.8.1 4.9.2
xfdesktop Desktop manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment 4.8.1 4.9.0
xfe MS-Explorer-like minimalist file manager for X 1.32.4
xfmpc A MPD client focusing on low footprint for Xfce 0.2.2
xfwm4 Window manager for Xfce desktop environment 4.8.1 4.8.3
xinput_calibrator A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org 0.7.5
xlockmore An X terminal locking program 5.32 5.38
xlog Logging program for Amateur Radio Operators 2.0.5
xmoto A challenging 2D motocross platform game 0.5.7 0.5.9
xonotic A free multi-player first person shooter 0.6.0
xosview An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources 1.9.2
xpdf A PDF file viewer for the X Window System 3.02 3.03
xpilot An X Window System based multiplayer aerial combat game 4.5.4 4.5.5
xscreensaver A set of X Window System screen savers 5.12 5.15
xsoldier Shooting game on X Window System 1.5 1.8
xterm Standard terminal emulator for the X window system 269 278
xtux Multiplayer arcade game featuring open-source mascots 20030306
xvidcap Screen capture video recorder 1.1.7
xvkbd Virtual (on-screen) keyboard for X 3.2 3.3
yaflight Yet Another FlightGear Launch Control 0.1.10
yamagi-quake2 Yamagi Quake II is an enhanced client for id Software's Quake II 1:4.02
yamagi-quake2-ctf Quake II 3.21 'Capture The Flag' for Yamagi Quake II 1:4.02
yamagi-quake2-rogue Quake II Mission Pack #2: "Ground Zero" for Yamagi Quake II 1:4.02
yamagi-quake2-xatrix Mission Pack #1: "The Reckoning" for Yamagi Quake II 1:4.02
yelp GNOME 3 help browser 2.30.2 3.4.1
zanshin Getting Things Done application 0.2.1
zfo-editor ZFO editor allows working with zfo forms 0.3.2
zim A desktop wiki and outliner 0.50 0.52
zint-qt Zint Barcode Studio 2.4.2 2.4.3
zygrib Weather data visualization, GRIB file viewer 3.9.2 5.0.6
zynaddsubfx Real-time MIDI software synthesizer 2.4.1 2.4.3